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Find Your Purpose in Life

  Learn Optimal Ways to Generate Wealth


  Reveal Suppressed Desires for Life


  Create High Degree of Mental Certainty


  Channel Energy to Create Success


This Online Programme is designed to reveal your unique life purpose and enable you to create the health, wealth and lifestyle that you REALLY want.


The Programme is split into 4 sections: recognising your inherited purpose, learning the principles of success, defining your purpose in life, putting it in to action so that it delivers an income for you.


From Sarah Berry and her team of health, wealth and lifestyle consultants.



Recognising your Inherited Purpose

  What you Learnt About Money as a Child


  Pinpointing the Rules that Hold you Back from Acquiring Wealth


  Identifying Old and New Family Values


  Analysing your Key Personality Traits and How these Influence your Behaviour

Transition Time

  Recognising the 3 States that Stop you Having Health and Wealth


  Learning the 5 Principles that Lead to Success


  Making Money your Friend


  Learning the Optimal Ways to Generate Wealth


  Making Instant Changes to Physiology and Psychology that Break Limiting Habits


  Transforming your Mindset to Make Success a Reality

Defining your Unique Life Purpose in Less than 60 Minutes

  Revealing your Suppressed Desires for Life


  Pinpointing your Notable Characteristics


  Establishing the Ways you Enjoy Expressing Yourself


  Unveiling your Personal Aspirations for You and the World


  Mapping Out Your Unique Life Purpose

Putting your Purpose into Action so it Delivers an Income

  How to Stop Wasting Energy and Switch on the Power in You


  How to Disassociate with the Disappointments of the Past in Order to Give up the Struggle


  How to Acquire Razorsharp Financial Decision Making Techniques


  How to Choose between one Income from an Employer or Multiple Streams of Income


  Putting your Plan into Action

Don't Wait - Just £950

The Sooner You Start - the Quicker You'll Find Your Purpose

This comprehensive online programme is split into 4 sections with career exercises and career consultancy sessions. The first section will look at what you have inherited in terms of life purpose from your childhood.


The second section will look at the blocks that you have to wealth, lifestyle and overall success in order to transform your mindset.


The third section allows you to unveil your suppressed desires and aspirations for you and the world. It also shows you how to map out your purpose.


The fourth and final section shows you how to jet fuel your energy, move forward with passion and choose the best channel of income for you.

The Programme encompasses tried and tested NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to help you release any mental blocks or limiting beliefs so that you can move forward with ease and confidence. Trained Consultants are on-hand every step of the way to make this an easy process.

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Our team of professionals will help you to define your unique life purpose. Having a clear life purpose gives you direction and allows you to feel excited about what you do each day. You start to achieve success on your own terms.


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