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Get Your Career Started With These Useful Career Coaching Exercises

Perhaps you're interested in getting some career coaching, but you have no idea how to get started. Here are some easy career coaching exercises to point you in the right direction and show you just how powerful good career coaching can be.


Your first exercise involves making a thorough self-assessment of your skills, talents, and interests. What do you most like to do? What gets you most excited in life? What are you naturally most gifted at doing? What have you learned to do already?


Make a list for each column (skills, talents and interests). Don't try to edit anything yet. Make your 'do-it-yourself' career coaching exercise as free-flowing as you can.


As your next exercise, list the jobs or careers you'd most like to do. There should be some strong correlation between your first three lists and this one. Otherwise a career coach would be wondering why your desired jobs don't match up with your interests and aptitudes!


Now take a closer look at your 'skills' list from the last exercise. Do you have all the skills needed to realistically get any of your ideal or dream jobs?


If not, what do you still need to learn to match them up? Read some job descriptions if necessary to determine what a good career coach would be encouraging you to learn ASAP.


For more ideas and exercises on where to go from here, visit this page for additional career coaching insights ...


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