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“Getting a job has never been so exciting” says Sarah Berry


‘You are so privileged to be graduating at this time. The work world and environment in general is in the midst of reform and change and you are so honoured to be part of this shift in emphasis and transition. What is expected of you now is so different to what was expected of graduates even 10 years ago and of course what was expected of your parents and grandparent’s generation.


Every work decade has its own joys, privileges and new experiences. The shift in emphasis is from the recent work, work, work ethic to the VALUE ETHIC. Employers are now only interested in people who add real value to their business in terms of sales, vision, sensitivity, dignity, creativity, flexibility, knowledge, responsibility and maturity and of course the skill base. Companies are slimmer and tighter today on head count, budgets and investments and they can no longer afford to employ or adopt old- fashioned or outdated people, systems or practices. The emphasis on work today is about contribution, your contribution to the survival and success of the business into which you step. So, your role in the business world is important and does count.


So, what is required of you is to put yourself into the employer’s shoes and to see the whole picture in terms of this enormous change in the work emphasis and then, to market yourself accordingly.


You have an exciting opportunity to get the job you want, to work in this changing business world and to make your mark upon it. Get to it and enjoy it, for never before have people had such a wonderful opportunity to grab!’


Sarah Berry


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