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Have you had enough of being bullied at work?

This blog is part of a series of blogs by Sarah Berry focused on Career Change


Part of the challenge of working at this present time is that you are often expected to give and complete more in a day or week than your contractual agreement.  It is this tricky issue that the requested task isn’t in your contract but it is expected of you. You may be taking on more and more work, giving up more of your free-time or feel that you are constantly under scrutiny or pressure.


When you signed up for this job you did not sign up to be shouted at in the office, be on the receiving end of insulting comments or to be running on adrenaline all the time.


Promising more of yourself isn’t the answer.  Using boundaries to mark out your territory is a professional way of handing increasing pressure at work.


Boundaries eliminate the temptation for someone to bully you.  So, if you mark out your territory early on and repeat your message in a professional way, believe it or not your boss and colleagues will respect you more.  You signed up for this job because you believed that you could offer a lot to the organisation and your colleagues.


Is this the time to reclaim your energy and remind the people around you of the agreed limits?


BY: Sarah Berry

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