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This blog is written by Sarah Berry to help you with a change of career.


Are you thinking about changing your career or profession?  If the answer is ‘yes’, you may already be researching the types of jobs or careers that you would prefer to be doing.  If you are unhappy about your current job or employer there is always a big temptation to look for a quick solution.  However, it is often better not to act on impulse and to explore all of your possible career options in detail before you make any career decisions.  You are ideally looking to find a career that will fulfil you, offer you prospects and a degree of longevity.


You are probably already aware that professional training is available in a number of different formats.  You can receive training by signing on to do a course either full or part-time either at college or on-line or you can receive on-the-job training.  Professional training boosts your profile and it shows the employer that you are really serious about committing to this profession.  Many people have limited time and finances so choose the best option for you. It is important though not to rule out on-the-job training.  This option may offer you a lower starting salary but it will allow you to get a foot in the door of your chosen career or profession.  On-the-job training also provides you with mentors and technical advisors within the profession who can support you throughout your learning process.  Depending upon how you perform in the job, you may be able to ask your new employer to pay for additional courses and training.  Many people find that on-the-job training supported by outside courses helps them to remain motivated throughout the learning process.


Job training is a good option if you already have work experience.  Many people find it tricky to go back to college full-time if they have been out to work and are used to earning their own money.  The thing to bear in mind is that many applicants do not explore in detail the option of job training with either their existing employer or a new employer.  Job training is, therefore, a way to gain an advantage over your competition.  Employers tend to prefer training an employee who is known to them rather than hiring someone who is fresh out of college.  It is worthwhile talking to your current employer if you want to switch career or profession to see if there are any training options available to you.


With any career move or career change you need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve.   Before you enrol in a new college course or on-the-job training, check out first whether this career is well-suited to you.  Take the time to fill in a career profile and discover whether this new career path is worth pursuing.  It is important that you gain a realistic insight into your new chosen profession.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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