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Individual Development Plan

Whether Sarah Berry is coaching a new recruit, addressing a newly observed concern or facilitating a change in ingrained behaviour and poor-performance, Sarah develops an Individual Development Plan following the seven steps below:


Firstly, Sarah Berry works with the “poor-performer’s” manager to clearly ascertain what areas of job performance the manager/company feel the individual is under-performing in.  This is called the ASSESSMENT and follows on from the manager completing the FREE APPRAISAL


She then develops AWARENESS with the individual concerned so the individual ACCEPTS that he/she needs to change.


The next stage is to establish an EMOTIONAL COMMITMENT.  This is established once the individual recognises that he/she owns his/her problem and the responsibility for fixing it.


Only once step three has been reached will Sarah begin to develop an INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN.  Ideally the individual drafts their own IDP with Sarah’s help and advice, as this becomes the foundation for greater commitment. The plan covers a period of 25 weeks (6 months) – the usual time to recognise a change in performance.


Sarah then continually REINFORCES the need for the individual to change, providing him/her with a series of selected performance enhancing exercises, podcasts and techniques.


Throughout the six months, Sarah MONITORS progress and gives FEEDBACK to both the individual and his/her manager.  Feedback is often not required in the latter stages though, as both the individual and manager have noticed the improvement by that time.


Finally, the individual RECOGNISES that he/she has fixed the problem and achieved the specific goal of improving his/her work performance. Another top-performer has been created by Sarah Berry and her team.


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Please note: Every IDP is individually designed by Sarah Berry and her team.


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