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Performance Improvement Plan

The short-cut to performance improvement


Try Sarah Berry’s leading-edge performance enhancing strategies and techniques and let her lead your employees through a carefully created professional programme of podcasts, career and performance improvement exercises, blogs, articles and her award-winning fast-track personal development programme.


Guaranteed to work


If your employees try all of these strategies and techniques and they still don’t improve their performance, we will refund you!


Register an employee in confidence on Sarah Berry’s Employee Improvement Programme for only £299*.


Benefits to both the employee and your company


  1. Benefit from direct access to award-winning HR and Career consultant, Sarah Berry
  2. Every registered employee will receive a FREE copy of Sarah’s best selling paperback “How to Love the Job You Do”
  3. Learn how to sell and demonstrate your key benefits to your employer
  4. Discover what your trademark is and how to reshape it
  5. Learn how to convince your employer of your value
  6. Create instant rapport with the employer
  7. Understand what your employer is looking for in terms of performance
  8. Learn how to negotiate and get what you want
  9. Make going to work fun
  10. Learn how to put boundaries around yourself but still say ‘Yes’ more often than ‘No’
  11. Tap into your undiscovered potential
  12. Use the current economic climate to your advantage
  13. Persuade your employer to take you seriously
  14. Convince your employer to choose you for the next project team or promotion
  15. Look confident in front of an audience
  16. Build your professional profile and create more opportunities at work
  17. Create a blue-print for your future career and earnings
  18. Make this change in job performance your best ever change
  19. Learn how to ask for a pay increase once you become a top-performer
  20. Win employee of the year


* Subscription per month, cancel at any time.


Expected duration: Six months.


Sarah Berry, Leading UK Career Expert

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