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How do outplacement firms charge?

Outplacement Services for Directors


Outplacement services tend to start from around £500 per employee and go far beyond £10,000 per employee.  Many of the more traditional outplacement service companies base pricing on the seniority of the employee.  Group outplacement provision is provided to the lower echelons of the company and individual extended outplacement is provided to directors and C-level executives.


At Career Consultants, we only provide individual outplacement services as we believe that there is no difference between helping a senior executive or a “low-grade” operator.  In fact, a specialist operator very often requires more assistance especially if the industry has gone through a significant change and the skill-set of the operator is less in demand.


Much of the higher cost for outplacement service provided to directors is related to consultancy time. At Career Consultants, we prefer to focus on helping individuals quickly as we feel the stress of being made redundant is greatly reduced once new career opportunities have been identified and begin to open up.  We focus less time on one-to-one discussions and far more time on improving the way in which the individual markets him/herself on LinkedIn and also in the CV, allowing the person to apply for suitable positions very quickly.  We devote considerable time to developing the individual’s LinkedIn account and we encourage them to actively network as we have found this to be a very effective job hunting strategy indeed.


At Career Consultants we don’t offer a so-called “Outplacement service for Director and Senior Executives”.  We offer the same quality service irrespective of the position previously held within the company.  With all our clients, we focus first and foremost on the needs of each individual and work 1-2-1 with them to achieve their next career goal.


We take advantage of the individual’s own technology and deliver outstanding results by being on hand 24/7 and providing the advice and support when and where it is needed.  By using the latest job hunting techniques and strategies, Career Consultants Standard Outplacement Service is £995 per employee.


Outplacement Services Contract


Many companies in recent years have changed the way they offer their employees outplacement services.  They prefer to allocate a fixed amount to each employee as part of their redundancy contract and allow the individual to choose an outplacement service of their choice.  By doing so the individual is free to contact a number of companies and decide who they would prefer to work with.  As with any type of coaching, personal preferences are important.  It is important that an individual feels comfortable sharing their personal situation with someone new whom they feel that they can trust.  We, therefore, encourage employees to contact us first to find out whether our style of consultancy is to their liking.


Once an individual chooses his/her preferred outplacement service, settlement of fees is either organised directly with their employer or payment is made by the individual.  Career Consultants has preferred supplier status with many of the UK’s leading employers so sometimes it is easier to settle via the employer. If, for any reason, Career Consultants is not one of the company’s preferred suppliers, please get in contact and we will arrange the necessary paperwork in order to become a preferred supplier - helping us to focus on helping the individual to move on in their career.


The value of outplacement contract is usually stipulated within the employee’s contract of employment or redundancy contract.  Feel free to share with us the value of outplacement services you have been provided and we will design a programme that specifically meets your needs and budget.  We recommend an outplacement services contract in excess of £1000 however, we can provide suitable services for smaller contracts, if required.


If the employee is considering a move into self-employment or wanting to run his/her own business, this is something that we specialise in as well.  We recommend that the individual invests in the minimum requirement of a business plan and website, which Career Consultants can write and develop.  The costs of these services are higher than the costs of an outplacement programme which is focused on finding suitable employment.  Please contact us for more details.


Leading Outplacement Firms in London


Traditional London outplacement services have always been higher than elsewhere in the UK.  Some of London’s leading outplacement firms are quoting top-executive outplacement programmes in excess of £10k.  The hourly rates of consultancy are very high indeed and the individual is unlikely to receive the required attention of an experienced consultant.

At Career Consultants, we work differently.  For the past 20 years we have led the way in providing career change and career development coaching to London’s workforce.  However, we tend to deliver this remotely via phone or Skype.  This allows us to work with more people individually than any other company and also provide direct access for individuals to the UK’s leading career experts at a fraction of the cost.


It all works to your advantage.  We focus on helping individuals to move on from redundancy or a career set-back.  You are not be investing in plush city centre premises and we are focusing on what the person need in terms of advice or help so that employment can be found quickly.


Reducing the cost of outplacement


By all means compare the price of using a traditional outplacement service such as Penna and LHH.  You will discover that we offer the same, if not a better service for a fraction of the price.


How?  We take advantage of the smart phones and tablets that most individuals possess.  Outplacement is about individuals and support.  It isn’t about showing photographs of PCs lined up in an office or providing group training in some dingy office.  Most people these days can type and most people have access to Word or Pages, even on their phone.  We, therefore, show people how they can take advantage of using these devices to help them improve the way in which they market themselves in order to gain a positive response from prospective employers and clients.


Why outplacement needn’t cost as much


As highlighted above, this is why the cost of outplacement provision has dropped in recent years and is now available to every employer and can be offered to every employee. Many of Career Consultants clients provide outplacement to their contractors as well as their full-time contracted staff.


There is much talk about making outplacement compulsory.  At around £1000 per employee for a full and comprehensive individually designed outplacement service, it makes sense to provide it for every employee.  It helps the employee.  It reflects well on the employer and also keeps the remaining employees motivated in the knowledge that their employer cares about all of its employees irrespective of the decisions that it has to take within the business.


If you are an employer faced with making one or more employees redundant, do consider downloading our short FREE company guide on redundancy.  It outlines the legal requirements to consider and also the more subtle decision that may need to be made and considered.


Redeployment of Employees


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