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How does outplacement work?

The Foundation of a Good Outplacement Service


Outplacement has changed considerably in recent years. Being made redundant as little as 20 years ago had a slight stigma attached to it. However, with the need for greater company flexibility and movement towards a more project management style of operations, employees accept that change is inevitable and no job is now safe. The announcement of a merger or takeover, reorganisation or restructure, cut back or relocation is almost expected. Even the so-called safe public service jobs no longer offer the “job for life” status.


Outplacement in the past used to be focused on the pick-up and stress management. It almost acted as a counselling service, whereby the person being made redundant would be told the news and then led to the room with the outplacement consultant who encouraged the person to share his/her feelings.


Now, it is about, “I have been told that my job is coming to an end, help me find another suitable position quickly.”. This is not the case with everyone, granted, the affected individual, may choose to take redundancy as an opportunity to explore other opportunities of which the consultant needs to be responsive to.


However, the foundation of a good outplacement service is its ability to help the individual move on as quickly as possible and help to make the next stage of their career a real success. Spending hours filling in questionnaires and counselling is no longer what employees facing redundancy are seeking. They want to immediately feel and recognise that new career opportunities exist and that action is being taken to gain these opportunities on their behalf.


Outplacement Companies Near You


Mention the “word outplacement” and people tend to think of Penna and LHH which used to be DBM. For years these companies have been the big names in outplacement. As with most big consultancies they have focused on diversifying and tried re-branding outplacement and calling it “career transition”. They have always tended to focus on the needs of senior executives and directors and only be able to provide group outplacement to the lower echelons of the company.


Think of an outplacement company and you think of prestigious city offices with computer terminals dotted around and large leather comfy chairs in carefully designed sound protected rooms. If you still think of outplacement like this, take a few moments to have a look at your phone or tablet. You may discover that you can do all the things on your phone, that you can perform in the outplacement consultant’s plush premises. Local outplacement offices are on the decrease and are being replaced with remote offices by companies such as Career Consultants. Career Consultants has significantly reduced the price of an outplacement package so that everyone in the company can benefit from career coaching and the latest job hunting techniques. Remotely delivered outplacement is now the norm and more popular that sitting face to face with someone who looks as though they retired years ago.


London-Based Outplacement Consultants


Hint: focus on who is delivering the services and not the company


Outplacement Service Costs


Many outplacement firms adopt the stepped approach. They have a standard service and then depending on the seniority of the person within the company they offer more and more expensive packages. However, from the outplacement service providers perspective, helping a senior executive finding a new role is no different to a recent career starter. In fact, sometimes it requires less time and assistance.


At Career Consultants, we don’t discriminate between different roles or different sectors of the business. Our outplacement services starts from £950 per person and includes everything an individual requires to secure a job quickly. If the person is considering running their own business, we provide a different package. The basic package includes sufficient telephone/Skype consultation but this can always be topped up, if required. Equally, we are able to extend the length of support beyond 3 months but this is rarely required. Our specialism is helping individuals to secure an exciting new job in the shortest time frame possible.


Top Outplacement Firms


Top firm is always an interesting concept. Does it mean “top price”? If so, we suggest that you call the long-established city firms Penna and LHH. If ‘top’ refers to the firm that delivers the best results for the outplaced individual, you need to consider a different option.


At Career Consultants we believe in personal service. We believe that the person offering the support is important and we provide our services so that each individual gains from the wealth of experience that our leading consultants can offer. If this means that the individual, irrespective of previous position within the company, would benefit from talking directly with lead consultant Sarah Berry, we organise this.


London Outplacement Services


Search online and you will find a different selection of outplacement companies to choose from than if you spoke to someone who has been in HR for years.


Much of job hunting success these days is related to improving the visibility of the individual online. Afterall, if no one can find the individual’s CV, there is little or no chance of the person being selected for the next stage of the recruitment process. Getting your name to the top of searches such as LinkedIn and the job boards is therefore a key element that we help our clients with.


Hence an outplacement that appears high for the tem London outplacement services, demonstrates considerable knowledge at helping individuals to do the same. So if you found us, there is a strong correlation that we can help recruiters find you in job related searches - and Google is a lot tougher to master than most job boards and LinkedIn searches.


So, when you are searching for a London Outplacement Service and you find a site that is ranking high on Google, it provides strong proof that they will be able to repeat this for searches related to your keywords.


What is redeployment of employees?


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