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How one of my clients attracted five new job opportunities in just 14 days using only LinkedIn

Secure The Perfect Job


Imagine what it would feel like if you could secure the perfect job within the perfect company.


For decades and decades, we have all been limited by the jobs available and advertised at the time of our job hunt. You may have preferred to work for Virgin, Body Shop, EA Sports, a charity or a company located close to your home but a job within these companies wasn’t advertised while you were job hunting.  Therefore you may have ended up securing a different type of role.


Well, you will be pleased to discover that the old job hunting approach has changed in the last few years. The good news is that it is now possible to work for the company of your choice by using LinkedIn to its full potential.


Never before has there been an open network of millions of people covering every profession, every company in every country world-wide.  This is your chance to benefit from LinkedIn.  It is like the invention of the telephone for the employment market.  It literally changes everything and opens up fantastic new opportunities for you and your career.  LinkedIn makes job hunting exciting once again.


You now have the opportunity to decide which company you would like to work for performing the type of work that really suits you. I am really serious about this. It is an exciting time to be looking for work.


The question is “Where do you start and what do you need to do to benefit from LinkedIn?”   You begin by having a very clear picture of who you are and what you have to offer an employer.  You then develop your LinkedIn profile with this clearly in mind.  Next ,you need to make quality connections with key influencers in your chosen companies.


To discover more about how to benefit from LinkedIn, why not join our 30-day LinkedIn Career e-Programme?  I will lead you through step-by-step and day-by-day to help you secure a job with your preferred employer.


Throughout the programme, I will be on hand to offer you individual expert advice on how to create your personal brand in order to get the most from LinkedIn.


Free CV Scan and Analysis

Free CV Scan and Analysis

Choosing your CVs Fixation Points

Putting the perfect CV together proves to be a challenge for most people. Unlike most documents is it rarely read from beginning to end. It is more like a webpage than a book. To help you, Career Consultants provide a free CV scanning and analysis service. All you need to do is upload your CV below and tell us a little about yourself.


It is quick, easy and free and can make all the difference between your new getting a positive response from employers and recruiters and no response at all.


FREE CV Scan and Analysis

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