Every business manager knows and understands the value of acquiring a new customer, account or contract.  In these economic times, new orders are even more attractive and valuable than before the crisis.  Gaining new customers though has a price tag attached to it and it is often regarded as being safer or less expensive to acquire a repeat order than to gain a brand new customer.


Think very carefully about your existing customer base.  Do you have any ideal customers?  An ideal customer is likely to be someone who is easy to work with and someone who accepts your terms of business and trusts your judgement implicitly.  These customers make business fun and they are usually in business for the long-term so in time they help to develop your business by giving you plenty of referrals.


Think about it, can you afford to take on a customer who does not fit your ideal customer profile?  Do you enjoy working with difficult or problem customers?  Have you got the time to haggle and negotiate every minute detail?  For most managers doing business on their terms is important to them.  It is therefore important to either drop ‘problem customers’ or to educate them in terms of how your company does business.  Let’s assume that you can gain five new customers by using LinkedIn.  Is this something that would interest you?


To bring in sizable customer accounts and to participate in business at a higher level, you will need to sketch out your ideal customer and the level of support that you will need to deliver an exceptional level of service.  Make yourself free to operate at a new level.  The more you define the type of customer that you want the easier, it will be to search for them on LinkedIn or attract the ideal customer through sharing your products or services through blogging.


Career Consultants offers advice about how to boost company sales using LinkedIn.  We offer a blogging and lead generation monthly service for companies.  Please contact us for further advice or details.


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How to boost your company sales using LinkedIn

BY: Sarah Berry

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