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How to increase your salary quickly

Salary Increase


This blog is part of a series of blogs by Sarah Berry focused on Career Change


Are you wondering if you might be in the wrong business, profession or job because you simply aren’t earning enough money?  Has your salary lagged behind your expectations despite all the effort that you have put into your job and career?  The salary that you currently earn is the result of the career choices that you have made to-date.  If you feel that your salary is not enough then now is the time to take action and make some important changes to your career patterns.


The fact is you have settled for less because you either see yourself as a novice or you simply don’t value yourself enough.  The truth is you settled for the salary that you were offered which is in fact less than you are worth.  Does this statement strike a chord with you?  If it does then that is very good news.  It means that you are ready to increase your salary quickly.


Have you thought about the salary increase that you are looking to secure? Do you know how to ask for what you are worth and to stick to it? What are you willing to do to in return for the higher salary?  The more you define your value and worth the easier it will be for you to attract the level of income that you are looking for.  If the salary offer is unacceptable to you then you are perfectly entitled to say so.  Saying ‘No’ in the right way paves the way in time for a ‘Yes’.  Respond to your salary desires and start working towards securing the salary increase that you truly desire.


Make sure though that your CV and LinkedIn profile pitch you in the higher salary bracket.  If you have any queries or questions about how to increase your salary when changing job please email


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BY: Sarah Berry

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