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How to Manage a Demanding Boss

This blog is part of a series of blogs by Sarah Berry focused on Career Change


Having a demanding boss can be exhausting.  You may spend only about 20% of your time at work with this person but they will probably take up 80% of your time with their demands, lengthy phone calls and emails and general hassles.


A demanding boss is usually a selfish person who lacks personal confidence.  The insecurity means that they usually lack empathy which is why they are so difficult to work for and why they demand that you fit in with their schedule.  Standing up to a demanding boss when they are ranting on late in the evening is very tricky.


They can’t cope with straight rejection so instead you have to manage their expectations.  Get in there first when arrangements are being discussed so that it is on your terms not theirs.  Meeting in the boss’s office means that you are in control of when you arrive and when you get up and leave.  Boundaries have to be put in place as they are the only way of making these business relationships bearable.


BY: Sarah Berry

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