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How to Use LinkedIn

These days, LinkedIn needs to form an integral part of any career-minded individuals or company’s daily routine.  By using LinkedIn effectively, you can engage with millions of other people and companies, thus creating leads and business relationships.

Although setting up a LinkedIn personal account and company pages seems easy at first, it is very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the details and not see a return on the time that you devote to it.  And as with any social media platform, it certainly needs time.


Questions such as:


  • Who should you connect with?
  • How many posts should you make each day?
  • What groups are worth joining?
  • What is an appropriate thing to do or say on this valuable website?
  • How much time a day should I be spending on LinkedIn


Blogs that promote amazing statistics about LinkedIn are posted all the time to the Internet.  It is after all the biggest game-changer for business and their staff in recent years. Such statistics as:


  • Did you know that more than half the UK professional workforce have a LinkedIn account?
  • There are now more than 200 million people using it worldwide
  • 2 million companies have their own LinkedIn pages.
  • Nearly than half the companies have made sales leads from using LinkedIn.
  • It has a better spending demographic than the other sites etc etc


However, this doesn’t mean anything to you and your company until you see real leads and opportunities coming directly from the LinkedIn website.


LinkedIn explained


When creating a successful LinkedIn strategy – either as a company or as an individual, the two infographics below explain the essential details to consider.  We help you to feel confident with your LinkedIn campaign by delivering each stage professionally for you.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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