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How to Write up a CV

Written by Sarah Berry providing help with a CV


A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a personal, professional and detailed document which is influenced by what is fashionable at the time. CV writing is quite a skill because you have to present yourself in a modern, competitive and attractive way.  It is fair to say that modern CVs have evolved over a period of time.  It is worth pointing out too that only a few years ago applicants were expected to write a brief letter to the employer explaining why they felt that they could do the job on offer.  Now the trend is to tell your whole career story and to put everything down on paper.


It is also common for job applicants to cram their CV full of buzz or key words in order to make themselves sound impressive and important.  A CV which is written in this way tends to sound unnatural and it can feel like you are reading a thesaurus. If you are tempted to pack your CV full of key words, your CV may have a gobbledygook language and become a bit faceless.  Using language of this sort may not help you to express yourself in a positive and professional way at the interview either.

It is best therefore to write up your CV in a balanced way.  A balanced CV will be targeted towards the job in question and communicate your profession, your field of work and your expertise.  A targeted CV approach will allow you to have an active approach to job hunting.  You will clearly demonstrate to the prospective employer the type of job that you are well suited to.  Showing the employer that you have a clear idea of what you want to do will attract them because they want to hire candidates who can benefit their business.


When you write up your CV it is very important that you focus on including active verbs in it.  Most candidates use woolly, weak and boring verbs.  Include verbs that clearly conjure up what you do and deliver within your roles.  Active verbs tend to create a positive and lasting impact on the reader which is the effect that you are after.  Express your ideas clearly including as much factual detail as possible.  Try not to write to impress the employer as writing to impress rarely works and usually switches the employer off.


Take time over writing and perfecting your CV as a poor CV could deprive you of a position that you are well suited to.  If you have any concerns about writing your CV, invest in a CV book or a professional CV writing package.  You are making an investment in yourself that will pay off and offer you the chance to further your career.  You can’t really put a price on that type of investment.


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Free CV Scan and Analysis

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BY: Sarah Berry

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