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How Word of Mouth Recruitment Works

Word of mouth recruitment is one of the best and most effective ways of getting the job you really want.


And it's enormously powerful: in fact, the best way to get your foot in the door is to come recommended by someone already working there. That's because any hiring manager prefers to hire someone who's been praised by someone they trust.


It all comes down to their fear of making decisions: if a recruiter makes a bad call on a new hire, they're accountable. But by relying on word of mouth, recruitment responsibilities because more certain and less risky for the new employer.


So how do you get this phenomenon working for you? Start leveraging your personal network and let everyone know you're looking for a particular job, what you do, and your unique value. (Word of mouth doesn't work as well if your friends, family, colleagues and other contacts don't understand your objectives and what you bring to the table.)


So if you're hoping to take advantage of a personal connection to land your next job, make a plan. For more details on how to create the most effective plans for word of mouth recruiting, please get in touch and put our 20 years of experience in career management to work for you today.


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