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Do I Need A Covering Letter With My CV?

Yes, you need a covering letter with your CV. That's the quickest and shortest answer. No CV should ever be sent out without a covering letter attached or appended in some way.


Now let's look at why you need one.


First of all, your CV is what gets you the interview (not the job - that's important to remember and we cover this elsewhere on our site).


But your covering letter is what gets your CV read. A good covering letter ensures your CV is considered more seriously for a potential interview. That's because it places your CV in context of the job offer at hand. It not only offers a quick preview of why you're a qualified applicant, it also shows that you've thoroughly prepared for your application and are taking this potential interview (and the job behind it) very seriously indeed.


Even if you're not applying for a particular advertised job, you still need a covering letter with your CV. Your covering letter will show your prospective employer that you've researched their firm and consider yourself a good match for their potential needs. And again, a covering letter highlights your particular skills and abilities before they devote time to your CV itself.


Looking for more information on why you need a covering letter with your CV (as well as what goes into one)? Then go here right now ...


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