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I Want to Change My Job Really Quickly

You know it is time to change your job if you have lost your spark for what you do day-to-day.


The speed in which you can change job, however, is an important factor. If your job search drags on and on you will before long give up and stay put. However, this may not be in your best interests. So, find out how to change job quickly.


From the outside, you may even look as if you have everything anyone could ever want.  Perhaps you have a prestigious job, a good lifestyle, a lovely home and plenty of money to spend each month.  However, inside you may be feeling unhappy, uninspired and even overworked.  You may even be wondering why you have worked so hard all of your life to end up feeling like this?  Does any of this sound at all familiar?


The Dangers of Changing Career for Someone Else


People often make decisions about their career that really have nothing to do with them.  Their life at work has become a reflection of someone else’s desires, expectations and needs.  Take a moment to reflect upon your work situation.  Have you always felt as if you had to make someone else happy?  Who suggested that you had to make it in the big city?  Did your parents persuade you to follow this career path?  Have you been on this work tread mill since university believing that you were doing what you were supposed to do?  Finally, has it been more important to prove something to someone else than to make yourself happy?


If your career choices have been based upon someone else’s views, opinions or ideas then they were made in response to external expectations of you.  If your decisions came from you, then you have made your own internal career choices and you are probably on the right career path.  The fact is if you feel bad about what you do each day then you have been ignoring your own career dreams and you have been living your work life according to someone else’s career plan.  Now it is important that you begin to look after yourself and start to give yourself what you are looking for career wise.


Asking yourself the right career change questions


To help you to decide what you want to do you need to answer a couple of questions.  If you had all the money that you will ever need already banked would you continue to do this job?  If your answer is ‘No’, go onto the next question.  What do you really want to be doing?  Your answer should reflect your cores values.  If you do not immediately know the answer, write down all the things that you love doing.  Be as unrealistic as you can and do not judge any of your answers.  It is not the time to decide whether or not something is possible, sensible or feasible.  At this stage, you must not consider money as money in itself is only energy and therefore you should not attach any importance to it. It is vital that you only write down what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Once you have written everything down, pick out your top three things.  Things which you really value and give you a real reason to enjoy living.


If you need any help to get in touch with your career wants you may need to enlist the help and support of a Career Consultant.  A Career Consultant can show you how to unravel your career dreams and how to make them part of your career plan.


Remember that if you have lost your way, you need to have a clear plan in order to make real, positive and lasting career changes.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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