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How to Get a Job in London – Interview Advice

Making sure you are ready for your London Interview


You have been called to a job interview in London or elsewhere. Nothing, it seems, creates such instant panic as those few words.


However, it doesn't have to be that much of an ordeal if you can spend some time thinking about the different types of interview questions, your interview technique and your interview answers.


Listing down your main concerns before the day of the Interview


What are your concerns about the job interview? Is it the job interview questions? Are you worried about your interview technique? Or do you find certain interview questions tough to answer?


Whether you are having a telephone interview or a face-to-face interview, you need to be prepared. The articles in this section, listed on the right hand side, are packed full of interview tips and interview techniques. If you are looking for further interview advice, there is Sarah Berry's best-selling downloadable e-book on the site, 'Win the Job at the Interview'.


No interview question should prove too difficult to answer


As long as you are prepared and take your time, no interview question is difficult to answer. Enjoy reading the articles.


Win the Job at the Interview


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