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Is it increasingly difficult for GRADUATES to find work?

It is a fact that graduates face stiff competition to find work.  The prestige of gaining a degree has been reduced by the sheer number of students graduating year on year.  In addition, employers tend to regard a degree as standard nowadays.  Gradates, therefore, now need something more than just a degree in order to attract an employer’s attention.


What is this elusive thing that graduates now need?


Graduates need to think about whether ‘bank mum or dad’ will support them while they gain internship experience.  Work experience is a key factor to whether or not a graduate can secure work.  Graduates may, therefore, need to lean on family, friends or acquaintances to help them open up work opportunities.


Graduates need to sell their skills, capabilities and life experiences in a professional and business-like manner. No employer is expecting a newly employed graduated to solve all the company’s problems but the employer will expect the new graduate to solve specific job related problems, to make a difference to his or her role, to possess people skills and to fit in with the company’s culture.


If graduates know how to sell and promote their education, skills and achievements and can use social media to connect with employers directly then they stand a better chance of being hired in this competitive market.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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