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Job/Career Change

You know it is time for a job change or a career change if you feel bored or de-motivated by your work. The best way to manage any job or career change is to anticipate it.

Does your job have a future or is it in a dying industry? Has your company made people redundant recently?


Are you keeping your skills up to date? How do your skills fit in with the current market? If you are stuck in a rut, want to change profession or have been made redundant, this could be the time to take stock and build on your existing skills or even pursue that new career direction.


It is important to recognise where you are within your career development and to notice the ‘unseen’ and ‘unnoticed’ bits so that you can be active and realistic in your career move.


What do you wish to become? What do you want to be? Do you need to re-train? Is the career pathway ahead clear? Could you benefit from some additional career advice?


If you are looking to change job or career, check out the advice listed on the right hand side


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