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Job Hunting – Are you the 66:1 outsider or the odds-on favourite to get the job?

It it fantastic to see a rank outsider win a race like the Grand National?  I must admit it is not my favourite horse race as I fear for the horses but it is still one of the highlights of the sporting calendar. Imagine being 66-1 and winning. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


If you like to have a flutter one the horses or any other sport and enjoyed a win on the rank outsider – fantastic – but my advice is don’t try to a repeat this luck when applying for jobs in today’s employment and recruitment market as it won’t work.


The British tend to love an outsider winning a race.


Many job applicants apply the same outsider strategy when they apply for jobs.  “I don’t stand a chance of getting this job, I am a complete outsider, but hey ho let’s give it a go – nothing ventured nothing gained! It is also quick to apply for this job on-line.”


Job hunting is similar to the Grand National race.  There are a series of large jumps ahead of you that you have to get over. Your CV needs to be selected by the employer, then you need to get through the first interview, second interview, medical etc.


Don’t Waste Time! Let Us Help You Become the Favourite To Get The Job


Sadly, that’s where the comparison between Grand National and Job Hunting ends.  You aren’t just competing with other candidates but the employer makes the final decision.  The prospective employer will choose the person who he/she feels will fulfil their specific business need. Many job hunters forget to focus on the how to solve the employer’s problem/s.


The employer doesn’t want to back an outsider.  He/She wants to hire a winner.  Are you feeling like an outsider or a winner?


“I am not a book maker” says Sarah Berry “I am a professional career consultant and a career coach.  I can help you to win your job race.  I can help you to choose the “races” that you are well suited to win.  Together we can develop your winning job hunting strategy.”  Contact me if you need individual advice or support.


Job Hunting


BY: Sarah Berry

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