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Job Leads – Does LinkedIn generate leads for you?

LinkedIn has over 200 million members across 200 countries.  It offers you the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert within your field of work and to connect with the very people who are looking for your area of specialism.  So, how do you generate valuable leads?


Sarah Berry’s top 3 tips to ensure that you generate job and business leads


  1. Showcase your talents – make sure that people can clearly understand what business problems you solve.  Ensure that your profile clearly indicates your professional skills and expertise and that your skills are the searchable skills by employers and recruiters.  Write a clear, direct and focused strategic headline so that your unique value is understood by recruiters, employers and industry experts.
  2. Make wise connections – take your time to research and hunt out your industry experts and choose to connect with them.  You are looking for people who are willing to take action and respond to you.  Ditch people from your network that do not have the courtesy to reply or respond to your business requests.
  3. Be active – Share your professional expertise and opinions in your postings, blogs and group activity.  You want to be seen as a useful resource of information within your chosen field of work.  Sell your value and you will enjoy making new valuable connections.


It is estimated that 35% of LinkedIn members log into their account on a daily basis.  You are doing yourself a grave disservice if you are not using the site to create job and business leads for you.  LinkedIn has generated thousands of leads for people just like you, so if you use it consistently and effectively it can generate leads for you too.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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