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What Job Is Right For Me? The Best Answer

What job is right for me? If you're a student with little real work experience (or someone feeling stalled in their current career) you've probably been asking yourself that question a lot lately.


The best answer is to look at what you know best. That doesn't have to be work related. What interests you the most? If you're a football, gardening or film fanatic, the odds are good you'll have an encyclopedia of high level knowledge in your head about that particular subject.


Now start looking for what job is right for you within that cone or sphere of interest. What are you genuinely good at? What kind of bridge or link can you make between your natural skills and abilities and the things that get you really excited in life?


Now, being an accountant for your favorite football club might not be a great job for you if you absolutely hate accounting (even if you're good at it). But is there some other way for you to apply your accounting (or numerical) related skills to football in some new way you haven't considered before?


Now, that's just a quick example of what job is right for you. There's lots more to evaluate and consider to help you come to the best set of answers.


To find out more about how to answer 'what's the best job for me?', see what else we've prepared for you right here.


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