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How to write a covering letter


The covering letter is one of the most important letters that you will have to write.A covering letter is an absolute necessity. Without it, your job application is naked and incomplete. A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is not a stand-alone document; it needs a covering letter to confirm and draw out the relevant detail of the CV.


The problem for most job-hunters is, ‘How do I write a good covering letter?’ Do you need a covering letter for a specific job? Do you need a covering letter template? Or do you need covering letter advice?


Writing a good covering letter is difficult. Some candidates feel that it is harder to write a covering letter than the CV. A good covering letter has every chance of being read, and most business people will be courteous enough to talk to you on the phone, even if only briefly, if you follow up your leads with a telephone call.


The article on the right hand side highlights the pitfalls to avoid when writing your covering letter. If you are looking for covering letter samples or examples of covering letters, please refer to Sarah Berry’s downloadable e-book, ‘Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend’, which has a comprehensive chapter on how to write a covering letter.


Enjoy reading the article.


Covering Letter Advice


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