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LinkedIn 500+ Career Programme

An effective LinkedIn strategy is essential these days.

Learn everything you need to know about creating a LinkedIn 500+ Profile to generate interest from prospective employers, clients and other career-minded professionals in just 30-days.

Writing Your Headline & Summary


Choosing what to have as your professional headline and the keywords for your background summary.

A 30-Day Career Development and Networking Programme

Choosing Your Professional Photograph


Recognising the importance of having a professional photograph and the type photograph to choose


Our 30-day LinkedIn 500+ Programme will teach you everything you need to know about creating your LinkedIn profile and what you need to do to achieve your career goals. The programme is composed of more than fifteen on-line career exercises for which you will receive feedback and professional career advice directly from Sarah Berry.


Each exercise will focus on a different aspect of your LinkedIn profile. The exercises will help develop your LinkedIn profile, reach the “black belt” status of having more than 500 connections and attract endorsements and recommendations. Once you have fine-tuned your profile and begun to make more and more quality connections, career opportunities will begin to flood in.


"The difference between having a 500+ LinkedIn profile and having less than 500 connections, is extraordinary" says Sarah Berry


Your LinkedIn profile is the fastest way to find work and develop your career and should be your primary focus. So, whether you are actively job-hunting, using it as a career insurance policy or wanting to acquire new clients and contracts, this programme from Career Consultants is an excellent starting point.


Only £299 for 30 Days

Showcasing your Achievements & Experience

Developing your experience section and showcasing your achievements.


Gathering Endorsements & Recommendations

How to multiply the number of endorsements and recommendations that you receive.


Increasing Your Quality Connections

How to increase the number of quality connections that you have.

Engagement with Your Network

Choosing the right tone and subject for your postings and correpondence.




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Our team of professionals are going to make sure that your career is heading in the right direction and opportunities are coming your way. Let your LinkedIn career management be handled by professionals. Reduce the time and effort to required to make your next career move.

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