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LinkedIn Job Search – Finding a Job Using LinkedIn

This blog on LinkedIn Job Search is part of a series of blogs by Sarah Berry focused on Career Change


You may have reached a stage where you need some extra advice, help or tips in order to help you find a job using LinkedIn.  Ideally, you need to know how to use LinkedIn effectively if you want to use it as part of your job search campaign.  Under the ‘Jobs’ button on the main menu, you will discover the new ‘find jobs page’.  ‘Jobs you may be interested in’ indicates jobs that LinkedIn believes that you are well suited to based upon your current profile.  It is best, therefore, to review this section and see whether you have targeted your LinkedIn profile in -line with your job target and job expectations.


The’ jobs page’ also indicates key companies where you have connections already and therefore giving you the option to contact these people in order to help you find a job.  LinkedIn will also let you know if you, or one of your connections, have a link to the person who originally posted the job.  It also has a friendly reminder whereby you can ask for an introduction to the hiring person. It is a useful and powerful function.


The ‘jobs page’ gives you a visual picture of lots of potential jobs and target companies.  It still allows you to search for jobs individually and to widen your job search based upon the companies that interest you.


The value of the ‘suggested jobs’ and ‘jobs in your network’ to help you find a job depend upon the quality of your individual profile and your own network.  It, therefore, pays you to work first on perfecting your profile and building up your network of quality connections.


Career Consultants offer a free LinkedIn Review and will advise you how and where you can improve your LinkedIn profile in order to help you find a job quickly.  Please contact Sarah Berry through LinkedIn or via with your job target and salary expectations.


LinkedIn Job Search Checklist


BY: Sarah Berry

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