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There are all sorts of different business related organizations, groups and social portals you can join. This is how it works for every business–even when that business is built primarily upon the selling of affiliate products as an Internet Marketer. You already know about Twitter and Facebook.


It’s likely that you already understand how social bookmarking through portals like StumbleUpon and Digg work. You have possibly even have heard about LinkedIn and how it has affected Internet based business networking. Sadly, you need to do more than just put your profile up on LinkedIn if you want to find more success. Here are a few things to help you truly build your business and your network through the LinkedIn portal.


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You really need to use SEO with LinkedIn as it is just like other websites on the web. SEO literally means search engine optimization. More than likely, for the content that you have posted, you have implemented this type of system. You can use it with your profile too. Use your keywords in a natural way. The profile’s headline is where you want to focus the most. You have to optimize the profile summary with keywords just like the headline. So when people locate you when searching on the search engines, they will click through to the rest of your profile and see what you have to offer. Did you know that you can find jobs through LinkedIn? Yes, job openings are often posted on LinkedIn. You might come across jobs that aren’t listed on any other sites. A person in one of your groups might also talk about a job they are offering. Even if you aren’t actively seeking jobs, you can take advantage of this function. In some cases, you might be able to talk the company into hiring you as a freelancer rather than an employee. All you have to do is ask the person who posted the listing if they’d consider hiring a freelancer. This can be a creative way to obtain freelance assignments.


This is one of the things that makes LinkedIn just like all of the other portals that you will find. You’ll help yourself more by giving than you will by just taking. This means that you should be as giving as you can before you even consider asking for anything. Volunteer to help someone who needs it. Answer some questions. Build up people’s goodwill toward you by turning your business into one that gives. Later, after you have built up a good reputation for helping other people, you can feel okay about asking for the things that you need. This way you aren’t going to seem like a person who is only looking out for number one, and you’ll be much better at building your business.


There are all sorts of things that you can do to raise the success you find with the LinkedIn system. This article has talked about just a few of the options available to you. Each of the tips contained here are easy and it’s possible to work on all of them right now! So rather than sitting around and worrying about not growing your business, get to work.


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