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LinkedIn Profile Tips 2014

Our LinkedIn profile tips 2014 includes strategies for bringing new clients into your business as well as finding employment. CareerConsultants run several online LinkedIn programmes that can help you get the most from LinkedIn. Many things are described as a “game changer”. It is fair to say with regards to finding a job, developing your career or attracting new clients for your business, LinkedIn has become a game changer. We offer tips that take into account that changes LinkedIn has made in 2014 to its site and search facilities. Contact us today if you require more help and tips with developing your all-important LinkedIn profile.


It can seem to take forever to find those first few clients when you’re just starting out on the web. The main problem for so many like you is the lack of marketing knowledge. When you are ready for business and you have your brand new website up, you really want work but you don’t have customers yet. The best way to reduce your learning curve is to actually do the work and the research. Setting up your own profiles on a couple of well established marketing forums is a good idea for starters. You can read articles like this and there are a ton of blogs out there that offer help. Look at the things that we’re going to share with you now and you should start getting new clients before you know it.


Your new clients will like how you keep your visitors entertained via social media. Remember that your future prospects will be amused by most things that you do in a positive manner. If you are not sitting in the best spot or using PPC to rank, you will learn some very important strategies that will get you ranked.


So begin using the social media sites for networking purposes. It is possible to write about what you have done on the job in the past and then submit it. You could also highlight these on your blog.


Networking is an invaluable way to meet new contacts and make new prospects, so consider joining sites like and These are ideal networking sites that let you meet other professionals and network with various groups. You’ll find lots of opportunities to meet new prospects if you’re willing to network with a range of people. Networking is such a popular option simply because you get to meet so many diverse people. When you’re networking, be subtle about adding a little brand marketing. As people grow more familiar with you and your business, they’re more likely to become prospects.


Of course it’s always important to know who you are going up against in business. Yet, you need to be careful not to act in an underhanded manner with your competition. Your niche comprises a small world in many ways, and you always want to cultivate a positive image in business on the net. But it’s also fine to check how your competitors might be attracting new customers. You could notice there’s something they’re missing, which gives you the opportunity to use this for yourself.


Not to make things sound worse, but you will spend a lot of time working to land new clients. This is just an important of part of having a business. But, it will go faster as you become seasoned. Also, your clients will not go anywhere if you give them what they are looking for.


LinkedIn Profile Tips Summary


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BY: Sarah Berry

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