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Making Money – How to improve your salary prospects

Christmas is an expensive time. How will you feel when it is all over? If you think that you don’t earn enough money to pay for it, then you don’t. If you can’t or daren’t ask your current or prospective employer for more money, then you won’t. You have to be sure of yourself before you can ever improve your salary prospects.


Creating your desire to earn more money


To change your earning capacity, you need to create a new and definite salary figure in your mind. High salaries go to those people who are salary conscious. You can’t get what you want by hoping, wishing or making hints. You need a real salary strategy.


Somewhere in your mind lies your ideal salary figure. What is this figure? Make this figure ‘live‘ now by acknowledging it to yourself.


‘In 2005 I need to earn £?’ ‘That’s right”, says Sarah Berry, ‘Take off the limit that you have put on your salary to date. Money is one of the most sensitive subjects of all partly because a lot of personal power is attached to money. However, if you want to create more wealth for yourself all you need to do is become aware of your ‘desire‘ for more money and to create a strategy to fulfil it.’


Sarah Berry’s best making money tips


In order for money to make its way into your pocket, you need to:


Have a definite salary figure in your mind. Hold your thoughts on this point for a minute. Can you see that pay slip? Can you see your name written on it? Can you feel how this money will improve the quality for your life?


Have the determination to get what you want. Everyone is guilty of giving up from time to time but you need to stick to your plan this time. You will need a bit of extra courage in order to step forward and go for what you want in spite of any possible setbacks.


Be ready. Have you got your CV ready? Are you ready to negotiate your salary figure with your employer? Do you know how to show your monetary value on paper? Being ready is essential because as soon as you are ready, the job you want will show up.


Be open to new opportunities. Opportunities don’t always show up ‘gift wrapped’. New opportunities have a sly habit of turning up unannounced and when you least expect them. This is why many people fail to recognise them. You have probably all heard of the story of the diamond digger who failed to recognise the grey rock.


Believe that you can have this salary. Belief is vital to your success. There are many people who admire money and good salaries from a distance. They know someone who earns the salary that would suit them but this is as far as it goes. They don’t take the next step, the step of convincing themselves that it can happen for them too. Can I ask you a few questions to help you to change your beliefs about your earning capacity?


Your beliefs about money


What beliefs about money have you create from your male role model?

What beliefs about your salary have you created from your female role model?

What beliefs about your salary have you created as a result of your earning capacity?

What beliefs about your salary are you allowing to be tainted by others?

What beliefs about money have you changed as a result of past experiences and failures?


For your income to grow, you have to regularly assess your attitude towards money. It is often only a matter of changing or adjusting things in order for your circumstances to change in your favour. What have you discovered that you need to adjust?

Decide what you are prepared to give in return for the money you desire.


The rules of give and take apply most of all to money. Most people are unaware of this or simply forget this part of the equation. Instead they focus all their attention on what the money will deliver for them and they then create a state of ‘have’. For example, if I have the money I will then be able to buy or do this. This is OK of course as long as they go back to the original part of the equation – the give bit. What are you going to give in return for your new salary?When you apply for your new job, you will win hands down if you focus 100% on what you are going to give your new employer. Most job hunters don’t do this. They focus more on themselves and their career history. How does this show the employer what he/she will gain?


Employers don’t have the time or the inclination to fathom it out. If you can present your value in a simple clear way, you will be easily rewarded.


Establish a definite date when you intend to be earning this salary. Will it be in three months’ time, six months’ time or some time next year? Or is it as vague as ‘It will happen when it happens?’ ‘Yes, you consciously need to take charge of your career,’ says Sarah.


Lastly, you need to create a definite plan. Begin this plan now and make 2013 a financially rewarding time for you. Sarah Berry and her team know what you have to do to transform yourself and your circumstances. If you would like some professional advice, let us review your current sales approach. You will need to ensure that your current and desired salary are clearly visible. Click here for more information.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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