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Midlife Career Change Options

Are you mid-career and looking for midlife career change options? Around the age of 40, 45 and 50 many people look to do something different in terms of their career. Their mortgage may be paid off, their children may have left home or they simply want to spend the latter stage of their career doing something that they really enjoy.


Think back to when and why you started your current career. Did you feel that you were pushed into this career by your parents, school or college? Were you persuaded to follow a safe and sensible career path? Or did you just somehow end up doing your current job? When you think about your career now, how can a young person realistically know what they want to be doing when they are 45 or so years? The truth is that you didn’t know for sure back then whether this job or career was your life purpose.


So, if you are contemplating changing career, it is a good idea to see what options are open to you. The safest and simplest way to start is to fill in a career choice profile. These types of profiles help to show you what jobs or tasks suit you the most. Once you have a clear idea of the types of roles that you could perform, you can then start doing some research into them. The research may involve looking at various career and professional websites or getting in contact with people who are actually performing the type of role that you are looking for. It is very important that you gain factual information about the job in order to make an informed decision about whether it is a role that would fulfil your current career dreams and aspirations.


Another good way to find out supporting information is to shadow or spend time with someone who is doing the desired job. Shadowing involves watching, observing and assessing this person’s behaviour, attitudes and actions. It is an excellent way to carry out your research and gain vital information. There is nothing like first-hand experience of a job and therefore shadowing may provide you with the very insight that you are seeking. In short, it gives you the opportunity to look before you leap into a new career. So, give it a go and it could be a very valuable and worthwhile investment of your time.


Finding career fulfilment even if you are mid-career is achievable. In fact, it is easy if you know what you have to do to move from where you are to where you want to be. A career profile is just £30 or alternatively you can speak to Sarah Berry directly in order to start you on your new career path. Please contact Sarah Berry at for more information.


BY: Sarah Berry

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