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Money and Salary

Everyone looks at ways to make extra money or to earn more money. Making money is easy if you know what you have to do. This section is all about money and the ways to increase your salary or improve your income.


Have you looked at ways to improve or to increase your salary? Do you have a desire to earn more money? Do you have a salary figure in mind? Are you determined to achieve your money goal?


Money is a big issue for most people. This section will encourage you to convert your value within the workplace into money. You have a value and you need to use this value to help you to earn more money.


If you feel that you are underpaid or undervalued, there is little point in moaning to your colleagues; you have to do something about it. Don’t hesitate to seize the initiative and work out ways to make money fast.


Earning money is all about learning about money. For those people who disagree, continue to buy a lottery ticket every week and keep your fingers crossed. For those that believe it has more to do with you, your attitude, your personality and your skills, then try some, or preferably all, of the techniques listed in the articles on the right-hand side. Very soon you will be the envy of all your friends and colleagues and earning that salary figure that you wanted.


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