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This blog is part of a series of blogs by Sarah Berry focused on Career Change


There are so many articles in the press about money – but they all seem to be about the wrong sort of money – about money that has already been spent. So the message of the news item is always about cutting back, spending less and reducing debt.  The sad thing now is that the money topic usually involves the country’s debt as well.  It is all so depressing and de-motivating.  Most people wonder when it is all going to end and when things are going to return to normal.


You have to be quite determined to become free of debt.  You have been encouraged to have a loan or mortgage, take out a new credit card , insure things, and to have things now.  You haven’t been encouraged to take out a savings or investment plan, to rely on the manufacturer’s guarantee or focus on developing your career path.


Money is such an emotional subject and it brings up a lot emotional within us.  Hope is often lost when things feel out of control.


You need to turn things around now and work on making your life prosperous instead of buying things and adding to other company’s prosperity.


You can’t just assume things will get better, you have to work at it and through it.  It is about knowing where the money goes, sticking to a budget and bringing in additional income.  Earning extra income is about raising the standards.  People often get used to earning a certain level of income and not being able to see beyond it.  This is nonsense.  Sometimes you have to be ruthless and do the things that you have put off doing – namely performing your job and taking care of everything as you have never done before.


Yes, it is about buckling down and saving yourself.


Get to it.


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