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Money – The biggest reason people get up to go to work in the morning

Money is also a word that presses most people’s buttons. Be honest; do you earn as much as you think you should be? Do you earn as much as your friends and colleagues?


And would you like to be earning more?


Why is it that some people seem to have a larger slice of the pie than you do? Is earning money to do with working long hours, skills and qualifications, being in the right place at the right time or is it down to pure luck?


There is no doubt about it that it pays to work out the winning ways to get an increase in your salary or a promotion. With the right approach and professional attitude, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be earning more money in 2005. Make doubling your money your number one purpose this year – you deserve it after all!


“But it isn’t possible”, many people will say. Sure, let them believe that because if enough people believe it, it leaves room for you to make your mark and impression. Don’t get too hung up about arguing the point or thinking about it too hard because if you do, you are only wasting your time and energy.


How do you CASH in on increasing your salary?


Listed below are a few TOP TIPS; apply them and just watch your salary increase!


The number one ingredient is of course “PASSION“. It sounds simple but this is what most people lack. Are you passionate about what you do each day or do you just do a job which pays the mortgage. Passionate people have the ability to generate their energy, drive and desire for success. They have the ability to strive forward and follow their dream and vision in spite of what anyone does or says.


The next necessary requirement is to have “GUTS“. Many employees lack this because they feel it is safer to go along with the crowd and not to rock the boat. They put up with things, fail to take action and they keep quiet. But getting along in business is not about being a good employee. It is about standing up for what you believe and making your mark on the organisation. It is a risk, I know, because you won’t always be liked for it but it is far more risky to do nothing. Doing nothing is to take the slow road. The road which, in effect, leads nowhere, only perhaps to frustration!


The next secret ingredient is, of course, the good old quality of “LEADERSHIP“. You cannot do it alone and who would want to anyway? You need people around you who believe in you, your concepts and ideas. You need to be able to inspire, motivate and encourage others. But be aware, leadership is not about being bossy, it is about empathy and leading by example. Learn to trust others and respect others and you will be well on the way to earning that top salary.


Get yourself a “GOOD COACH“. Top sportsmen and women are rarely self-taught. The same applies to management and business; a good personal mentor/trainer can make all the difference. He or she can help you overcome the challenges and point you in the right direction. Some large companies organise mentors for their high-flying executives. However, if you don’t receive this privilege you can always ‘recruit’ your own. Either seek professional help from a consultancy that specialises in providing help or join up with a colleague or fellow professionals. Share ideas with them, discuss your concerns, make your plans and, of course, get out there and practice.


Have the “RIGHT PERSONALITY” for the job. Many believe that if your face doesn’t fit, you won’t get on. To a certain extent this is correct. It sometimes feels you are pushing water up hill and all your best ideas are either shot down or just ignored. The trick, however, is to find the job that suits your personality  and not the other way around. There is a job to suit all of us, so it’s worth discovering more about your personality and perhaps investing in a psychometric profile to determine your own personality traits and discover the type of work and organisations that you are best suited to. Think of it like planting vegetables. They may grow in a variety of soils but put them in the one they like and they will flourish and give you a fantastic harvest.


“ACHIEVEMENTS” are more important than skills. And skills are more important than qualifications. Thousands of people get paid each day to do a list of duties and believe they are not getting on because they haven’t got a degree or the right qualification. However, the ones who prove that they can do the job faster, better, or differently get on. Think about work as building up a list of achievements and once you have got a good list, companies will be begging for you to join them and asking you to name your salary. To do things faster, better or differently, you need to polish your skills. Read, train and develop your skills but don’t get too hung up about the qualification and the piece of paper that you may or may not get at the end of any course. It’s not the qualification that earns you the money but what you do with it.


So, is earning ‘mega-bucks’ all to do with luck? For those that believe it is, then continue to buy your lottery tickets every week and keep your fingers crossed. For those that believe it has more to do with you, your attitude and your personality, then try some, or preferably all, of the techniques above to move you on in your career. And very soon you will be the envy of all your friends and colleagues and earning that executive salary.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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