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About Sarah Berry

Sarah Berry is an internationally recognised career consultant and the author of five career titles published by Hodder & Stoughton and Ward Lock, Cassell. She offers her expert career management and social media advice to corporate clients, individuals, leading websites and national magazines.


Sarah inspires individuals to follow their passion in life whether they feel they are at a career cross-roads or stuck in a career rut. She, herself, follows her passion balancing life and work in a way that keeps her motivated, fresh and open to life's opportunities. She motivates and inspires you to:


  • Focus on what is important to you
  • Recognise that you are capable for so much more
  • Take positive action to create results
  • Hold your long-term career vision
  • Exude energy and excitement for your work
  • Fulfil your career dreams.


Sarah says, 'When you feel good about yourself and your job you will begin to look better and achieve a greater level of personal satisfaction. Whatever you feel would make you more fulfilled job-wise can be achieved. The key is to do something about your situation. Are you ready to take action? If yes, then I look forward to working with you shortly'.



Sarah Berry

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