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Frequently Asked Questions

CV Assessment


What will I receive as part of my CV assessment?


You will receive a full, professional analysis of your CV conducted by either Sarah Berry, herself, or one of her trained consultants. The assessment comes in two main parts.


Within the first part, the consultant will take excerpts from your CV and be fairly critical of your efforts, as you would expect them to be, praising you for its good points and highlighting clearly where it is letting you down.


Following a comprehensive marking of each key aspect of your CV, you also will receive a score out of one 100 for your efforts.


After submitting my CV, how long is it likely to be until I receive the assessment?


Each assessment is individually analysed, and therefore takes around 30 minutes to complete. However, you can normally expect to receive your assessment within two to three days of ordering. At particularly busy times, your assessment may take up to all week to complete.

If you have a particular pressing deadline, such as a job application deadline, please let us know at the time of ordering and we will make every effort to assist.


In what format will the assessment be presented?


When the assessment is completed, you’ll be asked to log on to the client area on this site. Each of the various sections of the assessment can be viewed online, or alternatively you can print them, if you wish.


What happens if I don’t understand part of the assessment or disagree with the comments made?

The service you receive goes beyond just the assessment online. If you have any questions or concerns about your assessment, you can simply email us and a trained consultants will be on hand to answer your questions.


If I order a CV assessment, do I receive a discount on any of the CV Writing Services.


For clients who have ordered a CV assessment you are entitled to a refund on your CV assessment if you order the Platinum CV Writing service within 3 months.


CV Writing


How does it work?


Once you’ve ordered, we send ask you for your details. If you already have an existing CV, whatever standard and format, please send it to us. You return the forms to us and we draft the first copy of your CV in your chosen format.


How fast is the turnaround?


We state that you will have a first draft within 5 working days.  However, with consultants bases around the world and in different time zones, you can expect the process to be much shorter.  If you are in a rush and need a new CV quickly let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate for your needs.


Do you offer a covering letter service?


Both the Gold and Platinum CV Writing Packages include a covering letter. We ask you to send us sample job advertisements from which we draft a suitable covering letter.  Alternatively you may choose to get us to write a covering letter for a speculative application or agency.


My CV assessment score was disappointing, can you assure me that my new CV will score much better?


Your new CV will score a maximum 100 thereby significantly improving your chances of securing the position you are looking for.

I have a specific question that I would like answered before I order…


We would be delighted to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, simply email us at




I have never ordered an e-book before, what do I get?


Once you have ordered, you’ll be able to download the ebook very easily. You will discover that the ebook is laid out just like a printed book. It has pages that you can scroll through, an index, contents page and cover. You may also print it, if you would prefer not to read it on screen.


There are, however, a number of advantages of reading a ebook in its electronic format. Here are just a few:


As the index is electronic, it is easy to navigate around file very quickly, allowing you to reference the specific area that you are looking for.


With your careerconsultants client login details to hand, you can view the ebook through any Internet Connection anywhere in the world.


You can order your ebook now and be reading the first page within minutes of completing the order wherever you live in the world — saving you valuable time searching the book stores or waiting for the post to arrive.


Do I need any specific software on my PC?


Yes, you will need the popular package Acrobat Reader. You will also need to ensure that you have version three or above, correctly installed.

Acrobat Reader is different Acrobat ebook Reader. It is much more widely used, and often installed free when you purchase your PC/Mac.


Does it cost anything to acquire Acrobat Reader?


No, it is absolutely free and well worth having on your PC/Mac as you will discover that many popular web sites integrate PDF files into their site, such as most UK government departments and agencies.


How do I obtain a copy of the latest version of Acrobat Reader?


The easiest way is to visit and go to the free download section. Alternatively, many promotional CDs that come with magazines contain a copy, saving you download time.


Do I need a high specification PC to read PDF files?


No, as long as you have Acrobat Reader correctly installed on your PC/Mac there should be no problem.


Will an ebook take up a lot of space on my PC?


Whether you choose to download the book or read it online, the file will be saved on your PC. However, each ebook takes up only one to one and a half megabytes of memory. Given the information available in each ebook, this is very small indeed.

Are the ebooks also available in paperback?


Yes, most are available in paperback, as they are published by Ward Lock and distributed worldwide as paperbacks. However, Career Consultants On-line Ltd chooses to offer its visitors only Sarah Barry’s latest book, Thank God it is Monday, in paperback, as it has the exclusive rights to distributing the books in electronic format .


If I experienced problems downloading an ebook, will you help?


Yes, of course. We pride ourselves on the customer service we offer and will go out of our way to ensure 100% satisfaction with all the services and products we offer. If you do experience a problem simply e-mail us at and we will be delighted to be of assistance.


Career Choice Profile


Who should use it?


Our profile is designed to identify and capitalise on the strengths of each individual maximising his/her career potential. Career Consultants Online Ltd offers its own DISC Career Choice profile to help individuals make the best possible career and job decisions. If you are one of the following you will benefit from completing our Career Choice Profile:


  • A school/college/university leaver
  • A person considering a career change or job mover
  • A person returning to work after a career gap or break
  • A person facing redundancy
  • A senior executive or middle manager seeking a job promotion and career advancement
  • A person stuck in a career rut and seeking inspiration and motivation
  • A person seeking to gain more from work


What will it reveal about me?


Our Career Choice Profile offers a very positive analysis of YOU. The profile reveals what you already know is true about yourself. The analysis gives you an insight into 10 key things about you.


  • How you are likely to behave in the workplace
  • What you need to be aware of in terms of your relationships with other people at work
  • What really motivates and drives you at work
  • How you are likely to interact and work with other people
  • What style of management best suits you.
  • How you are likely to manage other people
  • How you react under pressure and your working style
  • What qualities you offer an organisation
  • What your perfect job would entail
  • What responsibilities you love and hate


How long does it take to fill in the profile on-line?


The on-line questionnaire consists of 28 questions. Within each question you are asked to rank five words, from the word that best describes you to the word that least describes you. Some choices are fairly simple and obvious, and some may make you think and ponder for a little longer.


There are no right or wrong answers. The amazing thing about our profile is that you can answer many of the questions very differently and end up with the same analysis of you. The other wonderful thing about this particular profile is that it takes less than 15 minutes to complete and submit, much less than most of its competitors and the accuracy and usefulness of our Career Choice Profile is its REAL strength.


Can I print and read the questionnaire before filling it in?


You will only be presented with one question at time on the screen. These questions are easy to complete and questions that you will enjoy answering about yourself so there is no requirement to look at and print them off in advance.


You can, however, move back to earlier questions and amend your answers prior to the point of submitting your questionnaire. We however do not recommend this, as deliberating over the answers has been proven to make the analysis no less or more accurate than your first instinctive response.


Can I fill in the questionnaire more than once?


It is not advisable. You will only ever be asked to complete the questionnaire once.

Many clients are concerned that they may answer some questions differently on different occasions. Our Profile system is designed in such a way to take this into account. Hence you can be confident that the profile will be an accurate reflection of you.


The reason we only ask you to complete the questionnaire once is that you will subconsciously remember what you answered previously and this will reduce the overall effectiveness of the analysis.


We recommend, however, that you review your profile from time to time but leave at least a six month gap between completing each questionnaire. Career Consultants Online can arrange this if you wish.


In what format do I receive the report?


We will email the analysis to you in pdf format or Word format if you prefer and request it.


Can I view a sample of the reports?

Yes you can. Simply email us and we will send a sample to you.


Do you offer further advice and help?


Yes, we would be delighted to discuss your profile with you over the phone and the opportunity of booking personal career consultancy sessions with Sarah Berry or one of her trained consultants. Once you have received your report you may email us at


Please quote your name and email address clearly on all correspondence.


Free CV Scan and Analysis

Free CV Scan and Analysis

Choosing your CVs Fixation Points

Putting the perfect CV together proves to be a challenge for most people. Unlike most documents is it rarely read from beginning to end. It is more like a webpage than a book. To help you, Career Consultants provide a free CV scanning and analysis service. All you need to do is upload your CV below and tell us a little about yourself.


It is quick, easy and free and can make all the difference between your new getting a positive response from employers and recruiters and no response at all.


FREE CV Scan and Analysis

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