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Get a Job – How long will it take?

Can you beat the time it took these people to secure a new job?


Nicky R.


"I was worried it would take me at least six months to find a job after my contract abruptly ended. In fact, after changing my CV, from beginning to end it only took 6 weeks."

In the case of Colin N.


"Prior to using your services, I had been unemployed for nearly 2 years. After following the four-step plan, I secured more than a dozen interviews in a fortnight!"


Frederike was worried ... but she needn't have been


"I had to relocate at very short notice following my husband’s promotion. I was really concerned about the length of time it would take me to find a new job and whether or not I needed to take a drop in salary. I needn’t have worried, I secured my new job with a fortnight of settling into my new home and the salary is more than I was on before."


What did these people all do to get a job quickly?


They had all followed the Career Consultants' 4-Step Plan to get a job fast.


The 3 people above are just three examples of the hundred’s of people who have followed the Career Consultants 4-step plan to getting a job fast. Depending upon a number of factors such as location, salary, age, level of job and personal preferences, it can take as little as three days. Yes 3 days from start to finish is the record so far. Can you beat the record? If you want to try follow the four-step plan below:


get a job fast

For some extra personal advice and tips:

Send us your CV and brief details of your job target & location

Complete the form below and simply upload the current version of your CV and we will email you back with some specific job-hunting strategies that you may wish to try.

Career Consultants 4-Step Plan is guaranteed to reduce the time it will take you to get a job


Revisit CV & Rewrite a New-Look CV

Revisit and rewrite your CV so that it sells your benefits and does not just list your past employment. Make sure your CV has been updated for today’s recruitment market so that it can be easily found on-line and be selected from the thousands of other on-line applicants. If you are unsure about whether your CV is selling your benefits to employers get it professionally assessed. See Above.



Write a Covering Letter that Sells your Benefits

Your covering letter explains the rationale behind why you are applying for a particular job. It is often forgotten or discarded by many people. However, it is key to your success as it plays a key role. When people do include a covering letter with their job application they invariably start every sentence with the word "I". The focus of your letter needs to be on the employer. It needs to express how you will benefit the company - not the other way around.



Create a great looking LinkedIn 500+ Profile

Create a great looking LinkedIn profile so when employers check you out on-line they will quickly and easily find you. Recent statistics show that more than 85% of employers will search for you on-line as part of their recruitment selection process. Develop your social media networking presence again through LinkedIn, so you are aware of what is going on in your industry and profession. LinkedIn offers a great way to tap into the unadvertised job market..



Complete a "Self-Awareness" Career Choice Profile

The art to successful and fast job-hunting is connecting with people - after all companies don't recruit people - the people within the company make the recruitment decisions! The famous saying "it is not what you know but who you know" still holds as true today as it ever has. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with key decision makers. To engage with people pre-interview and at the interview it is desirable to better understand yourself hence we recommend completing a Career Choice profile.


Career Consultants 4-Step Plan is guaranteed to reduce the time it will take you to get a job

By the way, if you would like to complete all four stages as quickly as possible and still find some time to enjoy yourself, we can help you. For as little as £399, we will guide you through the essential four steps to getting a new job quickly. We offer a 30-day on-line programme that covers every aspect of your job search.


We will send you a series of exercises, tasks and podcasts which you complete in sequence, in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. Alternatively, we offer two comprehensive Job Search Programmes and we will do all the work for you. We will rewrite your CV, develop your LinkedIn profile, create new connections for you, engage through your network and arrange telephone interview practice and feedback sessions – all within just 30 days.


Career Consultants can do everything for you to help you get a new job – apart from attend the interview and perform your new job!

So, if you are serious about getting a job quickly – email us today with a brief outline of the type of position that you wish to secure and a copy of your current CV and we’ll send you an email outlining the various options to suit your budget and needs.


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