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Here are just a few of the many testimonials we receive.


CV Assessment


Just a quick note to thank you for your analysis on my CV. It was very thorough with a lot of constructive comments, which I have found very useful. I can certainly see what you mean and have taken your comments on board.



Sarah, I must say I thought your assessment of my current CV was excellent and a real surprise. I had wondered why it was not hitting home, given my experience. I have completed the two documents you requested. They may appear a bit long-winded, but I am sure you know what to do. I look forward with great anticipation to your first draft.



Thank you very much for your in-depth and constructive comments on my CV and covering letter. It will probably come as no great surprise to you that I have had this CV examined by other professionals in the past but your comments are by far and away the most insightful and beneficial I have received. You have given me a lot of food for thought and pointers to how I can make significant improvements in the way I am selling myself.



Once I had overcome the shock, had a cup of coffee and perhaps something a little stronger. I sat and read everything that you said and once it had been pointed out to me I could see that what you said made sense.Following your advice I rewrote my CV and got interviews for both – much to my delight having failed to get even a reply to the 200+ that I had applied for previously.I didn’t get the first job although I did get into the short list and I am due for the second interview for the second job.Thank you very much indeed for absolutely super advice that I wish I had known about two years ago.Any time I need advice on job issues I will certainly come to you first and that recommendation will be passed to anyone I think could use it.



CV Writing


It is my pleasure to inform you that my search for a suitable job position in the UK has been successful.It is one of the roles I was aiming at and the type of challenge I was looking for, by the way keep your fingers crossed for me as it is going to be tough…:).The “re-vamped CV” you helped me draw up played a major part in a better presentation of my skills and ultimately my successful search.I wish to say thanks for your suggestions, they have been a very valuable investment and an occasion for learning.Please feel free to keep me posted for all your initiatives regarding continuous learning for professionals.Again thanks and Best regards



Many thanks for your help. The CV looks good and has helped me think about my abilities. A real confidence booster! I’ve sent it to a couple of recruitment consultants and so far the feedback has been good. I’ll let you know how I get on.



Firstly, I have to say how pleased I was with my new look CV that you wrote for me in November. I never thought it could make so much difference. The first job I applied for I got! My current contract is finishing and I now have a new ‘section’ to add to my CV. For fear of interfering with the look, feel and tone of my new CV, do you offer an up-date service?



Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend Book


Worth its weight in gold … There are loads of ‘the perfect CV’ books on the market but Sarah Berry’s Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend is different. Why? Because it begins: Relax and pour yourself a drink – perhaps even a strong one …. You are in for the weekend of your life’. Any book that can advocate a realistic look at your career (with the aid of alcohol) can’t be at all bad. It’s an easy read with sections on how to evaluate your CV from an employer’s viewpoint; you also have the chance to ‘grade’ your CV out of 100. Well worth its money.

Ms London Weekly Magazine


It’s hard to think of any better way to improve your career prospects in a single weekend. Most members will be familiar with the industry standard type of CV but this book deals with the subject on a much wider front. It explains the approach you will need if your career is to advance into fields where mere technical competence is not enough. It deals with covering letters and other peripheral matters. It also has suggestions for dealing with those difficult situations, such as hard-to-explain blank patches and bizarre changes of direction.

Institute of Analysts and Programmers


I am writing to inform you of the success I have received after purchasing a copy of “Write a perfect CV in a weekend”.After numerous rejections, I took a step forward and purchased a copy of your book. With my new CV I applied for one job and received an application. From, the skills I learnt in your book I also used to complete my application form, within 2 weeks I had successfully completed my 2 interviews and practical tests and secured a position. This was the first position I applied for and was successful within 3 weeks of reading your book.I will definitely recommend your book to friends and colleagues who are in a similar position, Thanks again.



How to Plan your Career Book


You may feel that your career to date has followed a random path, completely determined by a hounding posse of agents, employers and bank managers. But you may be on the road to a Damascus-style conversion: this book could change you life. It sets out the notion that careers can be planned. Younger members should read it and even for those of us, who have already screwed things up and run out of time, this book makes fascinating reading.

Institute of Analysts and Programmers


The days of predictable career progression are long gone wherever you work. All too often we know where we want to go but advice on how to get there can be hard to find. This book and the other books in the same series are easy to follow and include self-assessment exercises to help with your skills and progress.

The Nursing Times


The job market is booming now but some people are benefiting from this more than others. With headings such as ‘presenting yourself effectively’, ‘how to become known as an expert in your field’ and ‘assess your competitiveness’, there are lots of valuable nuggets to be extracted from this book.

The Architects’ Journal


Win the Job at the Interview Book


If you get an interview, it means the employer wants to give you the job. He just needs to convince himself you are the right person for it. In these circumstances it is crazy to just stonewall the questions: if you can sell yourself the job is yours! Interpersonal skills may not always come easy to people who are happiest with computers, but they are essential weapons in the armoury of every true professional. This book explains, in simple and practical terms, what each one of us can do to improve the way we put our messages across. This involves understanding the signals and motivations of the other person, and ensuring we give out positive signals of our own. This is a fascinating book: only our smoothest and most successful members could fail to learn something useful from it.

Institute of Analysts and Programmers


How to be Headhunted Book


This book is not just about getting headhunted, it is about how to become one of the acknowledged leaders of the profession. Why is it that some people become terribly well known, their opinions sought on every side, while the rest of us are stuck waiting for the call that never comes? The answer is that these people know how to promote themselves, and they work at it systematically. If you have already gained your FIAP and are wondering what to do next, this book is for you. It tells you how to build your public image by networking, writing articles, speaking at seminars and conferences, sitting on industry quangos, appearing on TV and many more. These things don’t happen by chance. Get to it!


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