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Are you flexible and open to change? Do you feel passionate about what you do for a living? Passion is what drives a career forward. It is about having the maturity to understand what works in the business sector that you are in, but also possessing the sensitivity and flexibility to make things happen.

Are you making a valuable contribution to your workplace? Do you recognise your own value, contribution and power? Becoming motivated is all about moving forward and changing the pattern of the past. It is about seeing and accepting yourself as you currently are and allowing yourself to become more in terms of a worker. Hence the more you work on yourself, promote yourself and give to your job, the more you will receive from your job in return.


Are you committed to change; that is commitment with a big ‘C’ and change with a little ‘c’? Commitment is the only way forward because the only other option is to remain an average employee, a mediocre employee or even a dissatisfied employee.


Enjoy reading about how to increase your motivation for your work.





BY: Sarah Berry

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