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New Career Ideas at 30

Develop and improve your new career ideas at 30 by hiring a career advisor. You may think people only go to career advisers when they have either just left college or when they have lost their job and receive support as part of their redundancy package. However, more and more people are turning to professional career advisers to help them change career and come up with new career ideas in their 30s.


The majority of career-minded individuals are familiar with the notion of bringing in a consultant to help workers. But career-minded individuals typically believe that a consultant is helpful only in the areas of performance and productivity. While it’s true that a consultant can help a lot in these areas, a professional career consultant, like Sarah Berry, is not limited to just these areas. Actually, a career coach can greatly help in one other area: helping you decide upon and develop a new career idea or path. Not many career-minded individuals will find job satisfaction to be the most critical area of consideration worth getting a career coach, but staff members will be more likely to perform better, stay with the business longer, and be more productive and embody a higher level of performance if they have a high job satisfaction.


To increase employee job satisfaction, a career coach has quite a few unique steps he or she can take. For example, this can be carried out by re-framing the approach to the work. It frequently happens that job satisfaction takes a nosedive when staff members start to associate their job with boredom. A coach can re-frame an employee’s focus on his or her job by having the employee focus on the intent behind the task rather than the task itself. With this kind of refocusing or re-framing, there’s always an instantaneous positive change, in many instances, in an employee’s attitude toward the performance of his or her tasks. Furthermore, a career coach can give goal setting ideas and help create a sensible time frame in which to reach set goals. Job satisfaction is likely to improve when employees have clearly defined goals and they have an agenda set to help them in reaching those goals.


One area that is missed and, quite truthfully, is a truly delicate area to address in the workplace is ethics. A serious and straightforward career coach will deal with this area if it has to be discussed. A company will have a tough time boosting employee job satisfaction if its ethical standards leave a lot to be desired. Poor ethics could cause a ripple effect which can undercut employee attitude and motivations immensely. An excellent career coach knows which methods to implement to improve employee morale and bring this up to management. Contrary to what a few might think, the process for enhancing employee morale doesn’t require taking any steps which are extreme. Instead, it can be as simple as identifying small issues and then addressing those immediately. Even a small uptick in morale can have significant impact on whether or not job satisfaction has improved. The truth is that organizations that cultivate an air of teamwork generally have staff members that are extremely happy with their job. There seems to be a direct relationship between teamwork and job satisfaction. As teamwork in the workplace improves, job satisfaction among the employees tends to get better also.


A knowledgeable career coach knows what is required in order for an office to function properly. Case in point, a coach recognizes that the employees must have a high level of job satisfaction. Skilled coaches know exactly what to suggest to help ensure such satisfaction is reached.


New Career Ideas at 30


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BY: Sarah Berry

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