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New Career Ideas at 40

Forty years old and considering a new career?


Could a professional career adviser help you form some sensible new career ideas at 40? It seems sensible to change career path if you are unhappy at work earlier in your career. However, what about at 40?


Many career-minded individuals are familiar with the concept of hiring a career coach to guide them in their career or help them find a job. But career-minded individuals typically think that a career coach is helpful only in the areas of performance and productivity ie things like time-management. It would definitely not be an incorrect assessment to point out that a coach can help in these areas, but there is one other area where a career coach could prove to be enormously beneficial: coming up with new career ideas. A lot of career-minded individuals don't even think that employee job satisfaction is a vital enough area that warrants getting a coach at 40. What these career-minded individuals don't understand is that when they are highly satisfied with their job at whatever age they are, they tend to stay with the company longer and be more productive.


Job ideas for 40 year olds


In order to come up with sensible career change ideas, a professional career coach has quite a few unique steps he or she can take. Among the more helpful ways this is done is to re-frame the approach to the work. Usually, job satisfaction takes a plunge when workers begin associating their job with boredom. A coach can re-frame an employee's focus on his or her job by having the employee concentrate on the goal behind the task as opposed to the task itself. With this type of refocusing or re-framing, there's always an instantaneous positive change, in most cases, in an employee's attitude toward the performance of his or her tasks. Moreover, a career coach can offer goal setting ideas and help formulate a sensible time frame in which to attain set goals. When goals are defined and a schedule is set to help achieve the particular goals, satisfaction in the job can improve immensely.


The Benefits of Having Your Own Career Coach


There's one other area that is typically ignored in the office and is actually a sensitive area to deal with. This area is ethics. If ethics in the workplace must be addressed, an honest and professional career coach will bring this up during the course of his or her dealings with a company. Job satisfaction at work can't be expected to rise or continue to be high if an organization nurtures very poor ethical standards. Poor ethics can weaken attitudes and motivations of workers. Additionally, a career coach can give management suggestions as to how to boost employee morale. Many think that radical steps are required to improve employee morale. Nevertheless, this is far from the truth. Minor issues in the office can be identified and then addressed as quickly as possible. The tiniest uptick in morale can considerably influence job satisfaction. Although it may seem like a cliche, the fact is that any organization that keeps an effective air of teamwork will always be one that's more fun to work for. There seems to be a direct relationship between teamwork and job satisfaction. As teamwork in the office gets better, job satisfaction among the employees is likely to improve too.


A seasoned career coach is aware of what is required for an office to run properly. Specifically, a coach knows that high job satisfaction is something that employees need to have. And a veteran coach knows how to go about guaranteeing high job satisfaction.


New Career Ideas at 30


Is your Career Change Idea Sensible or Could It Lead to a Disaster?

For more than 20 years, Career Consultants having been helping people like you, to make sensible and successful career changes.  We have helped people who know they want to make a career change but can't decide what to do. We have also helped people who have loads of ideas and can't decide which is the most sensible option.  More importantly, we help people to make their career transition, whatever the circumstances, to be a success.


If you are considering a career change, why not share it with us and we will discuss with you a workable strategy to make it a reality for you.


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