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New Job – How to get a fabulous new job by Christmas

Now is the time to get serious about job hunting if you really want that new job. Resolve to make the effort now when everyone else is pre-occupied doing other things. To get ahead you need to fix your mind on success.


Can you do all this? Everyone starts out with the best intentions but within a week, yes a week, of reading this article, 70% of you will have already given up. Will you be in the 70% or the 30% this time?


OK, it is hardly surprising that so many of you will be tempted to give up when it is dark, gloomy and cold outside but if you wait until the New Year, the competition for your job will be even higher.

That is why it makes business sense to start NOW. Research reveals that September and October are the ultimate months for making plans. This is partly because we all remember that buzz during the Autumn term at school, college or university and how every piece of work had to be ‘finished’ by Christmas. ‘This is the most natural time of year to make improvements to your working life’, says Sarah Berry. ‘You need some motivational tips and an action plan and by January you’ll be the smartest job hunter of all’.


Sarah Berry’s Five Best Motivational Tips


Listed below are Sarah Berry’s ‘top’ five motivational tips:


  1. Be Logical. ‘Why are you doing all this?’ It is a simple question but you need to know why you want to achieve your goal. Knowing why you want something is key to your success. Keep asking yourself the question until you get to the root cause – ‘Why do you want a new job?’ ‘Because I want a new challenge.’ ‘Why do you want a new challenge?’ ‘To feel better about myself.’ ‘Why do you want to feel better?’ ‘So I can do more things.’ ‘Why do you want to do more things?’ ‘So I can have more FUN.’ As the real answer emerges you can be much clearer about how to best satisfy your need. Have you gotten to the bottom of your issue?’
  2. Flex your Mind. Your mind has a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and how you tackle and reach your goals. Most people use their mind in a negative way. They use it to fuel their fears and anxieties. For example, they may ask themselves, ‘Would I be able to cope with that?’ However, if they asked themselves, ‘What would I enjoy about that?’ the answer would be much more amazing and inspirational. Are you using your mind to fuel your anxieties or to fuel your ambitions?
  3. Think like a Star. Does your favourite star give up? Does he/she limit his/her earnings? The key to achieving is finding lots of ways to boost your motivation and drive. Are you going to achieve what you want this time? You’re damn right you are!
  4. Use your Senses. Your senses are vital to your success programme. What is your best sense – sight, sound, taste, touch or smell? Are you using the most appropriate sense to help your case? Playing ‘you are stuck in a rut’ may help you to focus on your goal if you are on audio person whereas sticking a picture of your favourite car on the fridge would drive a visual person more. Use your senses to stay on track.
  5. Trick your mind. Fooling your mind into thinking everything depends on your resolution keeps the focus on success. Tell all your friends that you will be starting a new job in the New Year, now not only will you be willing yourself on, you also won’t want to let your friends down either.


Now is the perfect time to take a long hard look at your working life. Is it time to change your job? And could you do with a boost in income?


It is all about making plans and taking action to revolutionise your life. If you want a new job, you will need a new look. Drag out that CV of yours and send it to us for some professional advice. Just a few subtle changes can make a big difference to the way you will be perceived by employers. Job hunting can be hard work and heavy, but it you want an easy ride why not get us to help you along your way? Sarah Berry says, ‘Can we help you to achieve your next job move?’ Click here to discover how.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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