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In this information age, it is a growing trend for more people to turn to an online career advisor when they face a problem or an issue at work. Work is such a big part of everyone’s lives that seeking out professional career help when something goes wrong at work is now a very normal thing to do.


It is important to put things in context though. The work environment has dramatically changed in recent years and this shift has further complicated people’s work and home lives. Jobs are no longer safe and the threat of a job cutback is never far out of people’s minds. The work environment also tends to be more demanding and stressful than it once was.


Today’s Work World & The Need for Professional Online Career Advice


Therefore, today’s work set-up tends to mean that people have less time for themselves and the people they care about. A work issue or worry often means that you may find it more difficult to function or to carry on with your everyday life as normal. People often question themselves or feel trapped when things aren’t going to plan. Finding the right person to help advise you can also add to your troubles especially if close family or friends have never experienced anything like what you are going through.


In short, complicated work problems coupled with complicated lives have triggered more people to reach out for professional career advice or support in order to help them adapt and cope with the changing work world.


When the ‘Pain’ Gets too Much


Many of my clients talk about the ‘pain’ that they are in or feel when things are going badly at work. They use words like ‘I just what to get rid of it’, ‘Get away from this person’ or ‘I can’t take this feeling anymore’. They often wrongly believe that something is wrong with them because they used to be able to cope or handle the same situation.


The ‘pain body’ is the result of surviving a troubled time at work. There is, in fact, no reason to be in pain at work. However, people tend to put up with things that they don’t like mainly because they don’t know how to handle it or deal with it at the time. The ‘pain’ often comes about gradually with a little bit being added each day or it comes in the form of a big shock and all at once.


The ‘pain’ occurs because of the human need to survive. However, there is actually a better way to survive. Once you face up to the pain you are feeling and commit to doing something about it, you can move out of pain and start to REALLY thrive at work.


Surveys to Find the Right Career


It is often when the ‘pain’ is at its greatest that people start looking online for surveys to help them to find the right career. People often have an inner knowing that they are in the wrong job and so a survey, a job quiz or a career choice profile can help them to see the types of jobs or career paths that are possible for them.


Online Career Advice


People often refer to a feeling of relief, excitement or renewed motivation once they have faced up to their particular job issue and taken some positive action. These positive feelings will help you to look online for relevant and related career advice. However, some people look for personal help and input and therefore their aim is to find a trained career consultant whom they can share their career journey and experiences with.


Talking through what has been happening at work and receiving career strategies from a career consultant, is often the best and fastest way to solve any career issue.


Career Consultants as Your Online Professional Career Advisor


Corporate life has changed and you are bound to have work challenges that you have to deal with along the way. These days, you have to think like an entrepreneur if you want to survive as you will change jobs many times within your career. In effect, you work for yourself now and you need to be equipped with many skills to handle the tough work environment. No company is going to equip you with all the skills that you need. You have to do part of the learning yourself now.


You are at work on the front line every day. However, if you know where you are heading and you have the right knowledge and strategies to hand, you can ride the rough times. It may mean though that you need to prepare yourself for your career journey ahead. The best way to prepare yourself is fill in a career choice profile and to have a career consultancy session with a trained consultant to talk things through.


Take charge of your career now and let’s work together to change any past negative work patterns. Let us help you to reap the benefits of all your hard work to-date and take your career to the next level.


Are you struggling with a career issue?

It can be very unsettling to be in the wrong job. Maybe you have a feeling that you should be on a different career path or in a different role.


Would you like to find out what job or career would be a better match for you?


You are just 5 minutes away from finding out. If you choose to complete a DISC profile and have an hour’s telephone career consultancy session with leading career expert Sarah Berry, you will have all this information to hand. The DISC profile is astoundingly accurate and it offers you all sorts of career options and choices. Is it time to take a step towards your career success and fulfillment?


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Sarah Berry, Leading Career Expert and Advisor


If you have a specific career challenge or issue you want to tackle, feel free to share it with us in confidence. We will get back to you shortly with our professional career advice as to the most effective way to tackle it.

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