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For attracting employment and contracting opportunities to gaining clients for your own business, Career Consultants will design the perfect website and blog for you.


Every career-minded individual needs their own personal website and blog these days. It is a necessity for you if you are a contractor, freelancer or wanting to create your own business and attract clients.


However, just designing a website is not enough. A website needs traffic and visitors to make it generate career opportunities for you. That means you need to understand how to rank your site on Google - no easy task if you are a novice at promoting yourself on-line.


Career Consultants can not only design a great looking Wordpress site for you, following the same tried and tested principles that have made our CV format stand the test of time, we can also write and develop unique content for your site that is guaranteed to get your site ranked highly on google and generate interest and leads for you.


Career Consultants provides the complete website and blogging service for individuals, from start to finish. You won't need to learn a single piece of HTML or programming code and needn't worry about how to host the site or what to include in your next blog. As career development experts, we will even show you how to link your social media profile and LinkedIn account with your website and ensure your qualities and benefits highlighted in your CV are reflected through your site


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A Few Examples of Client's Websites Created By Career Consultants




Nicc - Interior Designer

Domenico - Italian Ricotta

Peter - Aux London




Iain - EA Optimised

Jamila - Fire Safety 247

Debbie - DJ Chillz

Personal Website Creation

We recommend that your site is developed as a Wordpress site, the world's leading web development platform, as it is imperative that your site is mobile friendly and can be read easily on any device or tablet. Wordpress is also recognised as the preferred platform for Google. Before Career Consultants create anything for you, we take time to research and suggest a suitable URL and set of keywords that we will target on your behalf. Keyword research is critical to the success of your future website, so we take care to consider what terms are worth targeting that will create suitable leads for you.


Once the fundamental building blocks to your successful personal website and blog are in place, we create original content for you that will form the essential pages as part of the main framework of your personal website and blog. Unlike most web-developers, only at this stage once, when your site is receiving traffic, will we improve the overall aesthetics of your site, including choosing a theme, graphics and colours.


Websites can rank on Google very quickly indeed these days, if designed along the lines described above. So, in a couple of months time you could have, not only, your own personal website and blog but also one that is bringing in leads and opportunities for you.


It is frequently said that "Content is King" on the Internet. It is true. However, it is not only content but the type of content. It is vital that your blogs engage with the reader at the same time as keep Google happy. You read so many blogs that are full of the words 'I' and 'we' rather than 'you'. The focus of your content must be on helping the reader overcome a particular problem. However, here lies a problem. How much do you disclose to the reader? Do you tell them everything and disclose all your specialist secrets or do you try and hold information back, hoping they will be intrigued and ask for more details?


Writing content for the web is a specialist skill that takes years to master and perfect. Career Consulants offers you expert content writing resources to write your blogs and content in a style that both engages your readership and also ranks your site highly on Google.


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is all over the news at the moment. Following two huge Google updates, called Penguin and Panda, Google has just announced another update which is being called "Mobilegeddon" by many people. In simple terms, if your website is not deemed mobile friendly by Google, you will struggle to get your site ranked in their search engine - and as most people know Google dominate searches.


Mobilegeddon is just the latest threat to hit rankings. Read the Internet and you will discover there are so many things to learn about SEO - it has almost become a whole science in itself. So-called experts will talk about key-word densities, back-links, meta descriptions, alt-tags and all sorts of other terms.


However, for you to find more than likely you used Google, which proves SEO works. Career Consultants is willing to share with you today's secrets to successful SEO so that your personal website and blog rank highly on key search terms.


Social Media

Social SEO is a relatively new term and something that is becoming more and more important to consider when developing websites. It used to be enough just to develop a website. However, now your website needs to be receiving a continuous stream of new quality links coming from the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the favourite amongst career-minded individuals, LinkedIn.


Finding time to develop a personal website and write fresh new content on a consistent basis takes up a lot of personal time. Add the time demands of ensuring the site receives regular social media postings, and there almost isn't enough time to go to work. That is why Career Consultants offer you, for a small monthly fee, the benefits of having your own personal brand marketing team who will work on your behalf. While you focus on performing at work, you can be assured that Career Consultants is busy opening up new career opportunities for you.


Wordpress & CMS

Read the first pages of the "Easy Wordpress" magazine or book that you find in your local newsagent or online and they make Wordpress sound as easy as making a cup of tea. You don't really have any choice as to whether you use Wordpress these days. You may be tempted to create a Wix site or one of those instant site builders such as 1&1, however, you will soon discover that you will need a Wordpress site and despite what the books and magazines tell you, it isn't as easy to learn as they make out.


Even if you get a site up and running, most people discover that it looks pretty bad and become even more despondent when no one ever visits it.


There is a huge amount to learn, and luckily Career Consultants have the resources and expertise to not only create you a great looking website but also integrate the site with creating career opportunities and leads for you.


Lead & Opportunity Generation

Writing great content that people love to read is one thing. Writing content that engages with the reader and opens up career opportunities for you is something else. You may have heard of the term CTA or Call-to-Action. Your content and personal website need to lead your reader to a point when they want to ask you more about what you offer. As such you are selling - or better stated 'informing'. Career Consultants will show you how to create a personal website and blog that not only creates interest but also career leads and opportunities.

Network Engagement

Having a quality LinkedIn 500+ profile is essential if you are serious about developing your career and earning potential. Your LinkedIn connections are like gold. They could almost be deemed more valuable than your contacts on your phone. These people are your professional network and they help you to create new career opportunities for you.


However, your network of connections need somewhere to go to check you out - and your personal website and blog is where you want them to go. Your personal website and blog is like your new on-line CV. In fact it is a lot more. It provides you with a real and valuable way to showcase your skills, expertise and knowledge. You can try and be an expert through LinkedIn groups and forums, but it is far more effective to "invite them home to your place" - and your home is your personal website and blog.


Statistics & Analytics

There are three key statistics to measure a website by  - namely impressions, clicks and leads. Impressions is the number of times that your website appears on a Google page after someone has searched for something. For most searches ten websites are listed. For more popular searches more than ten sites are listed as there will be PPC adverts to compete with. Before you think about how you can get someone to click on your link, you need to increase the number of impressions that you are receiving. Career Consultants will keep a close eye on this and track your impressions in real time using Google webmasters.


Once your site is receiving impressions, the focus is on developing your meta-descriptions so that people choose your site rather than one of the other ten or so being listed. Of course, the higher up the rankings you are the more chance you have that someone will visit your site. However, Career Consultants will optimise the number of impressions to clicks and carefully monitor the clicks for you. A lot of people focus on Google analytics for such information, but you will discover this only tells you half the story.


Once your site has clicks, the next focus is on turning these visitors into leads and opportunities. Remember, you can't get leads and opportunities without impressions and clicks. It is also important to consider that it may be good for the ego to have thousands of visitors coming to your site, but what people really want is to turn these visitors into leads. We will show you how this can be done. Career Consultants is the only website development company that has over twenty years of experience in personal career development management too.




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