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How to Rediscover Motivation at Your Workplace

Motivation at the workplace is essential for you to feel any degree of real satisfaction with your job.


And workplace motivation isn't dictated solely by your financial rewards such as salary and bonuses. It's not that we're NOT motivated by money, of course.


But instead we're motivated by other workplace factors too. Is our work enjoyable? Do we feel satisfied by "doing a good job" at our workplace? Do we enjoy interacting with our co-workers? Do we believe in the company's goals and ambitions?

If the answer to any of these is "no" or even "maybe" then something is very wrong. Motivation at the workplace becomes impossible if you feel deeply displeased by some aspect of your work.


So what's the solution?


First you need to identify the specific problem that's crippling your motivation at your workplace. It's no use working at a different company doing the same job if you now dislike the particulars of your work. And if you're dreaming about a shiny new job description, will the same problems crop up in that career too?


Motivation at the workplace can and will happen once you sit down and think about why you're no longer inspired and how it happened.


That's when you'll know whether to rediscover inspiration at your current job, start looking for a new one or change careers entirely. With literally decades of experience helping job seekers do exactly that, consider reading further about motivation at the workplace right here

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