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Relationships at Work

Communication is crucial to achieving good working relationships.


Do you have relaxed, open and honest working relationships? Do you have a role model within the business? Does this role model pass on career tips and offer you career advice?


Do you have a career mentor? This is a different relationship to a role model because a career mentor is usually someone who doesn't work for the same organisation as you. The role of a mentor is to advise, encourage and talk from personal experience about you and your career progress.


Do you make a point of networking with people within your profession? How good are you at networking? Do you keep in contact with people regularly?


Do you have equal relationships within the workplace? Can you hold your own ground? Have you ever experienced bullying at work? Do you know how you handle uncomfortable situations such as bullying in a professional way?


We can offer you professional career advice on how to build successful and harmonious working relationships and a career that you will enjoy.


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