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Successful Midlife Career Change

Are you midlife and looking to make a successful midlife career change?  A career is not necessarily for life so it is important to pay attention to your feelings about your job or career.  You may have chosen your existing career or profession a long time ago and maybe you don’t want to carry on doing the same job until you retire.  Does this sound familiar?


New technology has created lots of new career options within the job market.  These new technological advances have enabled lots of people to change career later on in life with great success. For some people advances in technology have allowed them to move to a new country or to explore new skills.  For other people the advances in technology have enabled them to use their existing skills in a totally new sector, industry or profession.


If you are looking to change your career path, you need to think in depth about what you really want to do.  What are you looking for from this stage of your career? What existing skills do you have that would benefit your new employer?


Switching careers is a bold step to take


It is not something that you can decide upon quickly and the decision may involve other people especially if you are thinking of taking a career break or going back to college to retrain.  It is for these reasons that you need to have a positive mind-set and be prepared to do the work involved to change career.


Employers, recruiters and head-hunters look for candidates that have the exact skill set, work experience and personal attributes to perform the job on offer.  It is, therefore, vitally important that you know how to sell or rebrand yourself in order to secure a job within your new career sector.  You need to be able to show within your CV and LinkedIn profile how your work contribution will benefit your new employer. This job hunting strategy will then allow you to cover off any concerns that the prospective employer may have about the fact that you have changed career.


For example, if you spent your own personal time retraining for a new career or profession, you will have gained new skills and experience. If you have been involved in a project at work which has helped you to gain new skills and abilities, you can also illustrate how this work has added to your skill-set.


Consider carefully why you are thinking of changing career


It is important to remember that it not whether you have changed career that interests employers but why you have changed career and what skills, capabilities and experience you have gained as a result of changing career that matters to the employer.  Your CV must demonstrate how you can add value to the job on offer.


Changing career takes time, planning and effort and a successful career change does reflect positively on you. If you are looking for an easy way to change career quickly, Sarah Berry offers a three step on-line programme.  This career transition programme will help you to change career easily and will give you unlimited email support and professional advice.


If you are looking to make a successful career change and need advice, please contact Sarah Berry at for more information.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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