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Tactics to Gain New Customers for Your Business

Every business needs tactics to gain new customers in order to increase its sales and turnover. Is your current sales strategy working? It is time to change gear and do something different if what you are currently doing is not delivering results. There are lots of ways to gain new customers for your business so don’t fall back into old habits and strategies. You need a sales approach that can be applied quickly and one that doesn’t require a lot of time, costs and effort. SEO is a long-term strategy which can deliver enormous dividends for your business and can be used alongside any short-term sales initiatives.


Customer acquisition strategy if you are not a startup


It is a good idea to contact existing customers and people who have shown an interest in your work. The best way to gain information and ideas is to talk to your pool of customers. Try to do a little bit of preparation beforehand but don’t use your notes as a script. To get people to talk freely to you, you need to ask them simple and straightforward questions. Don’t be too quick to jump into the conversation and cut the person down. It is important to make the person feel comfortable and special. You can do this by listening to the person and building upon the ideas. It is a good sign if the individual talks about particular business problems or issues. You can suggest various solutions to the problem in terms of the products that your business sells. It may mean that you need to visit potential customers or clients to discuss things in more depth.


Customer acquisition example tactics


Another tactic to gain new customers for your business is to build relationships with people through LinkedIn. Start talking to your network of people about the types of business issues that they are facing. You can always write easy-to read blogs on suitable solutions to the types of business issues raised by your network and post the blog on your LinkedIn profile. If you then link the blog to your website at least these contacts have the opportunity to browse through your website to view your business products and solutions.


New client acquisition using social media


Take your time to build professional and trustworthy relationships with your potential customers. Always promote the benefits that prospective clients will receive from your business service. It is also vitally important to include a ‘call to action’ in all your blogs, posts and advertising material. Remember to continue to communicate and discuss your ideas with your network and before long all of your hard work will pay off. Finding tactics to gain new customers for your business tends to be quite time consuming and needs practice. If you need any professional advice or help with your sales strategies or blog writing please contact


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BY: Sarah Berry

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