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The Complete Project Manager’s Mentoring Service

Leading and managing any project is daunting.


Even with the best project team, huge resources available, years of experience and no looming deadline - things can go wrong.  You will inevitably face new challenges and new obstacles and it is the role of the project manager to overcome these - ALONE.


Being a project manager can be very lonely indeed.


You are on your own at the end of day.  The outcome of the project rests on your shoulders - and yours alone.


When things get tough or you hit a new situation, it is difficult to know who to turn to for advice, support and help.


When you have a medical issue, it is easy, you go to the doctor.


When you have a computer issue you go to IT.


But when you have an issue delivering a project who do you turn to?



You can choose to go to your boss.  However, that is not always a sensible thing to do as it can present you as being incompetent.


You could decide to share your issue with the client or stakeholder.  This is never a good idea - Don’t consider it


You could turn to a family member?  Are they going to be interested? Probably not.  Neither will they have the understanding of what is invovled.


You could turn to your original Agile or PRINCE2 trainer as an option?  However, they are likely to be far too busy and take ages to get back to you.


Share your specific issue below with our experienced team of project manager professionals and we will offer you all the advice you need.


We will support you and your first question will be answered for free.


Try it now.  Simply type your question in the form and we will offer you professional advice and support.  Go on give it a try.


Subscribe to our profession project management mentoring service.


You can subscribe yourself or get your employer to pay for the annual mentoring subscription. This entitles you to unlimited email support and advice from our team of professionals. We can even jump on a call if that helps you, for a small extra charge.


Also let your colleagues know as we offer a similar mentoring and coaching service for:


  • Sales Professionals
  • Accountants and Finance Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Line Managers and HR professionals
  • Those seeking to change job or career-path


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