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The Importance of Detachment

This blog is part of a series of blogs by Sarah Berry focused on Career Change


When you really want a new job you can get so wrapped up in your desire for this job that you stop focusing on the job hunting process.  You become too attached to the result.  In fact, you have to get this job otherwise your life will fall apart!


If you are struggling to secure a new job now you know why.  You are too hooked on the result you crave.


If you practice detachment it will make the process of securing a new job much easier.


It is a fine line between being really interested and being too attached to the end result.  Be specific about your job target, take the necessary action but allow things to happen in the way that they are meant to happen.


Your detachment will allow you to be open to things that happen and you can then adjust your job-hunting approach accordingly.


BY: Sarah Berry

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